How to choose a de-oiling machine in the potato chip assembly line?

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The taste of fried potato chips is not only related to the added condiments, it is also related to whether or not the oil is removed after frying. After frying, extra oil will inevitably stick to the potato chips. If not remove the excess oil on the potato chips, it will cause the potato chips to have a greasy taste. , In the potato chip assembly line, the potato chip de-oiling step usually uses a professional de-oiling machine for de-oiling. But there is not only one type of de-oiling machine, so how do choose the right potato chip de-oiling machine?

Types of deoiling machine

There are three types of potato chip deoilers, one is a centrifugal deoiler, the other is an upper or lower discharge deoililing machine, and the other is a continuous deoiler.

The centrifugal de-oiling machine mainly uses the centrifugal principle to deoil. It mainly uses the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the de-oiler to de-oil the potato chips. The machine can set the deoiling time.

Centrifugal potato chips de-oiling machine
Centrifugal Potato Chips De-Oiling Machine

The upper discharge or lower discharge deoiling machine also adopts the centrifugal principle to deoil. But different from the centrifugal deoiling machine, it can realize automatic unloading after deoiling. The machine where the potato chips come out from below is called the bottom discharge de-oiler.

The continuous deoiling machine mainly adopts the principle of vibration dehydration. The continuous deoiling machine constantly vibrates up and down and realizes the function of dehydration.

Continuous chips de-oiling machine
Continuous Chips De-Oiling Machine

The potato chip line capacity

In the potato chip assembly line, the choice of potato chip de-oiler is mainly related to the specifications of the potato chip production line. The potato chip line mainly includes small potato chip lines and large potato chip lines. The production output of the small potato chip line is 50kg/h~500kg/h. The output of the large potato chip assembly line is 300kg/h~2t/h.

How to choose a de-oiler to match the potato chip assembly line

The small potato chip line usually equipss with a centrifugal deoiling and an upper discharge de-oiler or a lower discharge de-oiler. Below 200kg/h, it usually uses a centrifugal deoiling machine. In the potato chip line above 200kg/h, it usually uses the upper discharge or lower discharge deoiling machine. Because the deoiling machine with top discharge or bottom discharge can realize continuous production, it often applies in production lines with a high degree of automation. A large-scale automatic potato chip assembly line generally uses a continuous de-oiling machine.

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