Potato Washing and peeling machine

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Product application:

Potato washing and peeling machine is widely used in the washing and peeling of roots and vegetables such as potatoes,cassava,radishes, taro and kiwi.and is suitable for restaurants, hotels, college canteens, food processing factories, snack bars.

Product details:

Potato washing and peeling machine Using centrifugal rotation and friction peeling technology, the peeling is clean, the flesh damage is small, the efficiency is high, the potato is cleaned while peeling, and the potato skin and sewage are automatically discharged, and the sanitary is clean. It is an ideal potato peeling device.

Product features:

1.Easy to operate, high output, and almost completely peeling.

2. The reasonable design, small noise and convenience, and fast use make it a product favored by most consumers.

3. This machine is made of stainless steel.

Small potato washing peeling machine
Small Potato Washing Peeling Machine

Product parameters:

Model Dimensions (mm) Weight Power Capacity
TZ10 600*430*800 70kg 0.55kw 300kg/h
TZ15 700*530*900 85kg 0.75kw 500kg/h
TZ30 700*650*850 100kg 1.1kw 800kg/h