Small and automatic potato chips manufacturing line plant

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Potato chip machine manufacturers mainly provide small and automatic potato chip manufacturing lines to produce fried potato chips.

The small potato chip production line is mainly suitable for the initial establishment of a potato chip production business or a small potato chip factory. Its production output is 50kg/h~500kg/h. The output of the large potato chip line is 300kg/h~2t/h. It has a high degree of automation and is suitable for large-scale potato chip factories to produce potato chips. Whether large or small potato chip production machines have similar production steps.

That is, washing and peeling, slicing, blanching, dehydrating, frying, degreasing, seasoning, packaging, and other steps. The potato chip production line can meet the needs of different customers and help them develop the potato chip production business.

Introduction to small and large potato chip lines

The main difference between large and small potato chip production lines is the degree of automation. Their production steps are the same. Due to the improvement in the degree of automation, the automated potato chip assembly line adopts a potato chip production machine with higher output and high automation.

Small and automatic potato chip assembly line
Small And Automatic Potato Chip Assembly Line

What is the potato chip production process?

Washer & peeler ---Cutter---bleaching machine ---dehydrator---frying machine---deoiling machine -Packing machine, these are all steps of the potato chips manufacturing line.

Fried potato wafer chips making process
fried potato wafer chips-making process

Remark: Overall SUS304 is stainless steel except for electrical elements and special design needed parts.

Small chips making line introduction

The small-scale potato chip manufacturing line is a smaller production line compared with the fully automatic production line. It needs 3-4 people to operate the whole production, which is more suitable for a beginner in the business. All machines are made of stainless steel.

Semi automatic potato chips production line process
semi-automatic potato chips production line process

How does the potato chips production line produce potato chips?

Many people like to eat potato chips, and potato chips are made from potatoes. It has certain benefits to the body, and the potato chips taste good, and it is more delicious with tomato sauce. The potato chips production line is specially used for making potato chips, so how is the potato chips machines produce the potato chips?

Potato chips production line

Semi-automatic potato chips manufacturing line features

  1. Semi-automatic Potato chips manufacturing line investment is low.
  2. It is easy to operate and all people can operate it.
  3. These potato chip processing machines are made of stainless steel which meets the requirements of food processing.
  4. Only several people can operate the production line which can save lots of labor costs.
  5. The machine is made of high-quality material that has a longer service life.
  6. The operation manual will be operated with the machine.

200kg/h small-scale fried chips line machine list

NameMachine pictureParameter
Potato cleaning machinePotato cleaning machineModel: TZ-800
Weight: 220kg
Potato cutterPotato chips cutterModel: TZ-600
Blanching machineBlanching machine in the small potato chips lineModel: TZ-2000
Capacity:200kg/h(Electric heating way)
De-watering machineChips de-watering machineModel: TZ-400
chips frying machineChips frying machineModel :TZ-2000 Size:2000700950mm
(Electric heating way)
de-oiling machineSmall chips de-oiling machineModel: TZ-400
chips seasoning machineChips seasoning machineModel: TZ--800
Weight: 130kg
Power: 1.1kw
200kg/h small potato chips line machine list

Details of small potato chips manufacturing line

Potato washing machine - potato slicing machine - potato chips blanching machine - potato chips dewatering machine - potato chips frying machine - potato chip deoiling machine - potato chips seasoning machine -  potato chips packing machine

Potato washing machine: This machine uses a brush to remove the dirt from the potato. It will not destroy the potato and the peeling rate is more than 99%. This machine has a large capacity in the production line.

Commercial potato washing peeling machine
Commercial Potato Washing Peeling Machine

Potato slicing machine: This machine is a multifunctional machine that can cut potato chips and French fries by changing the blade. This machine's capacity is about 600kg per hour. The final product surface is smooth.

Potato chips cutting machine
Potato Chips Cutting Machine

Potato chips blanching machine: This machine has several heating methods, such as gas heat, electric heat, and so on. Customers can choose suitable machines according to his need. It has several models for different capacities. The water temperature is about 80℃ for 1-2 minutes.

Chips and fries blanching machine
Chips And Fries Blanching Machine

Potato chips dewatering machine: The machine uses the principle of eccentricity to remove moisture from the raw materials. This machine is an automatic machine with high efficiency.

Potato chips dewatering machine
Potato Chips Dewatering Machine

Potato chips frying machine: The potato chips need to be fried after dewatering. This is the most important step of the whole production line. The frying temperature is about 160-180℃ for 40-the 60s. It can be adjusted according to the customer’s actual requirements.

Batch chips frying machine
Batch Chips Frying Machine

Potato chip deoiling machine: Deoiled machine is made of stainless steel. It’s better to cover the cover for safety. This machine will not destroy the raw material during the working process.

De-oiling machine for chips
De-Oiling Machine For Chips

Potato chips seasoning machine: You can add the flavor you need to the machine. For example, spicy, tomato flavor, and so on. It needs about 2-3 minutes for mixing. Also, the mixing time depends on the capacity.

Chips seasoning flavoring machine
Chips Seasoning Flavoring Machine

Potato chips packing machine: This machine includes two models: single room and double room. You can choose it according to the potato chips' capacity. It can be vacuum packing or not. The sealing effect of this machine is very good.

Potato chips packaging machine
Potato Chips Packaging Machine

Other Information About 200kg/h chips production line

Fuel consumption: Gas/Diesel
Gas: Max 50kw/h electricity and 105Nm³/h nature gas or LPG 90kg/h.
Diesel: Max 50kw/h electricity and max 80kg/h diesel.
The estimated input and output rate for the potato chips project
Input capacity: about 600-800kg/h, output capacity: min 200kg/h
The water consumption: 1.5ton/h, drinking water.
The workshop drawing needs to arrange the whole process after the Contractor further communicates with the buyer’s engineer.

200kg small potato chips production line
200Kg Small Potato Chips Production Line

Introduction of large automatic Potato chips making line

The fully automatic potato chips-making line often applies in the large potato chips factory to produce fried chips. It uses high-yield, highly automated potato chip processing machines to produce potato chips. In particular, it connects each individual potato chip machine through a conveyor belt. Therefore, the potato chip production line has a high degree of automation, large production output, and rapid production. It is suitable for production in large potato chip production plants.

Automatic chips manufacturing plant process
Automatic Chips Manufacturing Plant Process

Advantages of automatic potato chip processing line

  1. The automatic potato chip line has the characteristics of low one-time investment, low energy consumption, diverse functions, and convenient maintenance.
  2. Compared with the small potato chip line, the automatic potato chip line has a higher output and a higher degree of automation.
  3. All potato chip production machines can be operated by an intelligent control panel, which has the function of saving labor
  4. The conveyor is equipped with a step-less speed adjustment click, the speed can be adjusted arbitrarily, the operation is simple, and the efficiency is high.

500kg/h automatic potato chip line detailed configuration

NameMachine pictureParameter
Belt width:800mm
Screw potato cleaning machineScrew potato cleaning machineSize:3600850900mm
Roller length:2600
Picking linePicking line for picking potatoesSize:40001050800mm
Belt length:800mm
Potato chips cutting machinePotato cutting machineSize:600500900mm
Cutting size:2-9mm
HoistHoist in the chips processing lineSize:250010501400mm
Belt width:800mm
Washing machineChips washing machineSize:800014501300mm
Belt width:1000mm
Blanching machineContinuous potato chips blanching machineSize:800013501250mm
Belt width:1000mm
Cooling machineCooling machine for de-wateringSize:1000012001100
Belt width:1000
Fan number:10groups
HoistChips hoistSize:250010501400mm
Belt width:800mm
Chips frying machineIndustrial continuous potato chips frying machineSize:1000014501550
Belt width:1000mm
Cooling machineCooling de-oiling machineSize:1000012001100
Belt width:1000
Fan number:10groups
HoistChips hoistSize:250010501400mm
Belt width:800mm
Seasoning machineDrum chips seasoning machineSize:320010501550mm
Drum diameter:900mm
Drum length:3000mm
500kg/h automatic chips processing line

Fully automatic potato chip-making machine introduction


The fully automatic potato chip line, it uses 4 elevators and a picking belt, which makes the connection between the two machines smoother. And it saves a lot of labor.

Spiral brush cleaning machine

This automatic potato chips manufacturing line, it uses a spiral brush cleaning machine instead of a brush cleaning machine in a small production line. The spiral in spiral brush cleaning machine automatically transports potatoes, while the brush removes the potato skin. When the potato is transported from the beginning to the end, it will be cleaned.

Potato chips washing machine

After being sliced by a potato slicer, it will be cleaned by a washing machine. In the fully automatic potato chip production line, since it is all replaced by machines, it adds a cleaning step to ensure that the potato chips are clean and tidy.

Chips blanching and frying machine

The potato chip blanching and frying machine adopt a large-volume continuous blanching and frying machine. Their heating methods are electric heating and air heating. The length of the continuous blanching and frying machine can be customized according to the production of potato chips and customer needs. Moreover, the continuous fryer can equip with equipment such as oil storage tank oil filter to filter oil.

Chips seasoning machine

A large-scale automatic potato chip production line usually uses a drum seasoning machine to season potato chips. The drum seasoning machine can be connected to the cooler for uninterrupted conveying and seasoning.

Potato chips packaging machine

There is no potato chip packaging machine listed in the large automatic potato chip line because customers may have different options. Shuliy mainly provides potato chip packaging machines with bucket scales, and it has a two-bucket scale, four-bucket scale, eight-bucket scale, and other types of packaging machines. It is not a non-standard product, we can customize the potato chip packaging machine according to the customer's packaging size, style, and other requirements.

Our Service About Potato chips production line

Are you a manufacturer?

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How about your after-sales service?

Our engineer can go outside to install and train your workers to operate the full machine line.

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FAQ about making potato chips

Fully automatic potato chips processing plant
Fully Automatic Potato Chips Processing Plant

How to start a potato chips business?

If you are starting a potato chip production business for the first time, then we recommend that you check the market first. You can observe the most popular potato chip sizes and packaging specifications in your local market. And you can slightly estimate the cost of starting a potato chip business. After determining the profitability, you can purchase a potato chip production business from the potato chip production machine manufacturer for production.

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