500kg/h potato chips processing plant exported to Pakistan

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The automatic potato chip production line is favored by many large potato chip manufacturers because of its large production output and a high degree of automation. Although the investment cost of a large potato chip production line is higher than that of a small potato chip line, it also brings more benefits than a small potato chip production line. Our small potato chip lines are exported more, and they are exported to Turkey, the Middle East, Russia, and other places. However, we have also exported many large potato chip production lines. Recently, we exported a 500kg/h automatic potato chips processing plant to Pakistan.

Automatic potato chips processing plant delivery picture to Pakistan

Since the automatic potato chip production plant contains a large number of machines, and the machines are relatively large, we use one container to ship all potato chip production machines. Moreover, sea shipping costs are relatively cheap, which saves customers a lot of transportation costs. All potato chip processing machines are tightly fixed in the container, so there will be no friction and damage to the machine during transportation.

Pakistan 500kg/h potato chips line configuration

Belt width:800mm
Screw potato cleaning machineSize:3600*850*900mm
Roller length:2600
Picking lineSize:40001050800mm
Belt length:800mm
Potato chips cutting machineSize:600500900mm
Cutting size:2-9mm
Washing machineSize:800014501300mm
Belt width:1000mm
Blanching machineSize:800013501250mm
Belt width:1000mm
Cooling machineSize:1000012001100
Belt width:1000
Fan number:10groups
Chips frying machineSize:1000014501550
Belt width:1000mm
Seasoning machineSize:320010501550mm
Drum diameter:900mm
Drum length:3000mm

Why do Pakistani customers buy a fully automatic potato chip production line?

Small chips making plant in pakistan
Small Chips Making Plant In Pakistan

The Pakistani customer has a potato chips processing plant and he plans to expand the production output of potato chips. His original potato processing machine can produce 200kg/h. Since it is a semi-automatic potato chip manufacturing machine, he needs 10 people to operate the two potato chip production lines. The two potato chip production machines are old and need to be replaced soon. Therefore, he wanted to replace a potato chip production line with a larger output to make potato chips. After a detailed comparison, he finally chose a 500kg/h automatic potato chip production line.

What can the line bring to Pakistan customers?

After purchasing an automatic potato chip line, he only needs 3~5 people to operate this production line. And the output of this production line is equivalent to the output of the two previous lines. The potato processing machines in this brand new potato chip production line are all made of 304 stainless steel food machine, which is very durable. Within 10 years, he won't have to spend a lot of money to repair the machine. Moreover, the potato chip frying machine in the automatic potato chip line can equip with oil storage tanks, oil filters, and other machines to achieve frying and oil filtering. The oil after frying can be reused through the oil filter.

Shuliy chips machine can meet the needs of different customers

As a potato chip machine manufacturer, Shuliy provides potato chip lines with a variety of output. From 50kg/h to 2t/h, it can meet the needs of small and large potato chip manufacturers. Moreover, we can match suitable machines and provide suitable machine placement solutions according to customer needs and production workshops. If you have any demand for potato chips production machines, please contact us.