Industrial brush roller potato washing peeling machine

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The brush potato washing peeling machine uses a brush to peel and clean potatoes. This machine is widely used in restaurants, food industry to wash and peel raw materials like potatoes, carrots, and onions. It is the first step to clean potatoes in the potato chips/french fries production line. What’s more, the broom head divides into banister brush and scrub brush. The former is used in cleaning and the latter is for peeling, so it can process a variety of root vegetables. Besides, the brush roller potato cleaning machine adopts high-quality 304stainless steel to keep the machine safe, reliable and prolongs its service life. The potato washing peeling machine, has 9 rollers, to make the brush fully contact the material and to get better clean and peel.

Industrial brush potato cleaning machine operation video

Working principle of brush potato washing peeling machine

Under the driven motor, the brushes, and raw materials directly contact to thoroughly rub, which achieves cleaning and peeling. And then, the potato washing peeling machine equips with a high-pressure spray device for deep cleaning with rubbing and peeling; After that, operating the handle, materials would be vented automatically.

The brush roller potato washing peeling machine application

The brush roller potato washing peeling machine has two kinds of brushes, the soft one, and the hard one. So according to a different kind of brush, it can suit a range of raw materials;

For hard brush, it skilled in peeling, so the potato cleaning machine with hard brushes are good at peeling the potatoes, gingers, sweet potatoes, lotus root, etc.

For soft brushes, at the same time as cleaning under strong pressure spray, the soft brushes clean the surface and the uneven spots, so the potato washing machine with a soft brush is used for washing seafood, kelp, carrots, dates (dry wash), etc.


The brush potato cleaning machine advantages

  • Our potato cleaning machine has 9 nylon hair rollers made of clinker wire, which are corrosion-resistant, stretch-resistant, and have a good cleaning effect, and the soft or hard roller is optional. Besides, cleaning and peeling synchronously working with the hair roller, which significantly improves efficiency.
  • Our hair roller washing peeling machine is wholly made of stainless steel, which makes our machine beautiful and clean, hygienic, and durable;
  • With high-pressure automatic sprinklers, materials are 360-degree rotating sprayed to be peeled more thoroughly by their scouring force.
  • The potato cleaning machine, featuring automatically rotate and discharge, is easy to operate, fully clean and peel materials;
  • The bottom of the brush potato washing peeling machine is equipped with a filter screen to centrally dispose of residues for easy cleaning.
  • This machine has high quality. It is stainless steel, convenient and hygienic, it can be customized according to customer requirements.
  • The brush roller has been treated by a special process, which makes it durable, good wear resistance,
  • The potato cleaning machine has a beautiful appearance, large peeling and washing capacity, high efficiency, low energy consumption, etc.

Potato washing peeling machine’s technical parameter


The above is the simple introduction of the potato washing machine, if you want to get more details and videos of the potato cleaning machine, please contact us freely.