Shuliy Brush Washing And Peeling Machine Helps Peruvian Potato Growers Achieve A Bumper Crop

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In September this year, Taziy company successfully delivered a good-performance brush washing and peeling machine to an enthusiastic potato grower in Peru, marking another breakthrough in the field of food processing machinery.

Customer Background Information

This Peruvian customer is an agricultural professional who is actively involved in the potato-growing business. He has a large landholding and needs an efficient potato cleaning solution to cope with the enormous pressure of the harvest season.

Brush potato washer and peeler
Brush Potato Washer And Peeler

Brush Washing And Peeling Machine Benefits

  1. Efficient cleaning: Utilizing advanced brush technology, this washer quickly and thoroughly cleans soil and impurities from the surface of potatoes.
  2. Saving time and labor: The automated cleaning process reduces the workload of farmers, improves cleaning efficiency, and makes potato handling more convenient.
  3. Adjustability: Equipped with a multi-speed adjustable function to adapt to different types and sizes of potatoes, ensuring that each potato is cleaned moderately.

Helpfulness Of The Potato Cleaner To Customer

  1. Improved yield: The high efficiency of the brush washing and peeling machine ensures the quality of the potatoes cleaned, which ultimately increases the overall yield.
  2. Cost savings: Reduced costs for manual cleaning, freeing up more resources for other agricultural work.
  3. Improved quality: The quality of cleaned potatoes is superior, suitable for different market demands, and enhances the competitiveness of potatoes in the market.

As the brush washing and peeling machine is put into use, the finished clean potato products that we are looking forward to together with our customers continue to come out. These potatoes will enter the market in a fresh and intact state, providing consumers with healthier and tastier choices.