Semi-automatic French Fries Making Machines Sent to Trinidad and Tobago

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Good News! Last month, a customer from Trinidad and Tobago bought our semi-automatic french fries making machines production line, and all the machines were successfully processed and shipped recently.

Customer background and requirements

The customer is a company specializing in hotel banquet service, providing French fries service to large banquets and weddings. The client wants to introduce an efficient French Fries Production Line to meet the growing demand.

Semi-automatic french fries making machines information

The customer purchased a semi-automatic potato chips production line with an output of 200kg/h to improve production efficiency and product quality.

The customer chose our machine mainly based on our professional service as well as our price advantage. During the negotiation process, we gave the customer a price discount and free spare parts to satisfy the customer.

For more detailed information about the french fries production and processing line, please click on French fries production line turkey with 50kg-2000kg capacity.

Communication and cooperation process

Our business manager communicated actively with the customer and provided abundant experience and proof of ability, including bills of lading of other customers and various certificates of our company.

In response to the customer's concern about transportation, we shared information about the large shipping companies we cooperated with and provided pictures of the shipment transportation to increase the customer's trust in us.

This partnership with Trinidad and Tobago reinforces our leadership position in the catering equipment industry. If you are interested in the potato chip processing industry, welcome to browse this website and feel free to contact us for more information.