Potato chips cutting machine, industrial potato chips slicer machine

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The potato chips cutting machine is an efficient commercial slicer. The potato chip cutting machine is used in potato chip production. As a potato chip cutting machine manufacturer, Taizy offers a variety of potato chips slicers. They can cut potatoes into regular potato chip shapes and wavy potato chip shapes. The slice shape is good and the thickness is uniform. It is an ideal machine for potato chip slicing.

Types of potato chips cutting machine

According to the operating mode and slicing function of the potato chip cutting machine, Taizy mainly provides three types of potato chip cutting machines. Push-down potato chip slicing machine, high-efficiency electric potato chip slicing machine, oblique push potato chip slicing machine. All three types of potato chip slicers can cut potatoes into sizes and slices of uniform thickness. Even some machines can cut wavy potato chips, they are highly productive.

Potato chips cutting slicing machine
Potato Chips Cutting Slicing Machine

Down pressure potato chip slicing machine

The downward pressure potato chip slicing machine is mainly suitable for processing various fruits and vegetables and cutting them into slices. This machine is suitable for cutting potatoes, apples, bananas, cucumbers, and other stalks and roots of fruits and vegetables. The potato chips cut by the commercial potato chip slicer are neat in shape and even in thickness. The thickness of the slice can be adjusted to the distance between the cutter head and the cutter. The machine has a low failure rate, convenient maintenance, and high efficiency.

Down pressure potato chips slicing machine
Down Pressure Potato Chips Slicing Machine
Model TZ-500
Size 700*700*900MM
Weight 160KG
Power 1.5KW
Capacity 500KG/H

Efficient electric potato chips cutting machine

The electric potato chips cutting machine is a special machine for cutting potato chips. The machine can cut potatoes into slices, strips, and wave shapes. The commercial electric potato chip slicer machine adopts imported electrical appliances from Taiwan and has an intelligent induction system. If the door is opened while the machine is working, the running blade will immediately stop working. The machine has two inlets, the upper inlet is used to put potatoes, apples, and other larger materials. The lower inlet is used to put slender materials such as cucumbers and carrots. The machine realizes the cutting of potato chips of various sizes by changing the blades.

Commercial potato chips slicer
Commercial Potato Chips Slicer
Model TZ-600
Size 950*800*950MM
Weight 110KG
Power 1.1KW
Capacity 600KG/H

How to cut potatoes into wavy shapes?

The high-efficiency potato slicer achieves the ideal cutting state by changing the cutter heads of different shapes and sizes. If you want to cut potatoes into wave shapes, you need to customize a wave-shaped cutter head. After replacing the wave-shaped cutter head, the machine will automatically cut the potatoes into wave-shaped shapes.

Chips cutting machine for cutting wavy chips
Chips Cutting Machine For Cutting Wavy Chips

Rotating potato chips cutter

This machine is the fifth generation potato slicer developed by our company. This potato chips cutter machine is a pusher-type directional slicer. The thickness of the slice can be adjusted, the cutting standard, high efficiency, and fast speed. It is mainly suitable for hard fruits and vegetables with large volumes: such as potatoes, eggplant, gastrodia, maca, bamboo shoots, radishes, etc, thickness adjustment in 1-10 mm.

Rotating potato chips cutter
Rotating Potato Chips Cutter
Model TZ-600
Size 700*700*900MM
Weight 160KG
Power 1.5KW
Capacity 500KG/H

Commercial potato chips cutting machine advantages

  1. The whole potato chips cutter machine adopts 304 food-grade stainless steel, not easy to corrode;
  2. Full copper motor, Less loss than the aluminum motor, More power saving, Extended service life;
  3. There are a variety of potato chip cutting machines to choose from to meet the different slicing needs of customers
  4. The size of the slice is in the range of 2mm~9mm, and the slice size can be adjusted or customized
  5. With high production efficiency and good slice shape, it can meet the needs of canteens, restaurants, and food processing enterprises.

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