French fries production line turkey with 50kg-2000kg capacity

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The french fries production line is a good assistant for the production of French fries. It helps small and large potato chip processing plants to make chips. The complete set of french fries production lines consists of a potato cleaning and peeling machine, potato cutter machine, blanching machine, dehydration machine, frying machine, deoiling machine, seasoning machine, packaging machine, and auxiliary equipment.

The whole set of french fries manufacturing machine capacity can reach 50kg/h~2t/h. It has the advantages of low one-time investment, low energy consumption, many functions, small size, high profit, convenient use, and maintenance, etc.

Introduction of the french fries production line

The french fries production line has semi-automatic and fully automatic production lines. The small semi-automatic french fries production line is mainly composed of semi-automatic potato processing machines. It requires manual operation of the machine, has low investment cost, and less floor space. Its output ranges from 50kg/h to 500kg/h.

Small scale frozen french fries production line
Small-Scale Frozen French Fries Production Line

The fully automatic fries production line meets the needs of large fries factories. It uses large-scale automated potato processing equipment to process potatoes into fries. The large-scale french fries production line covers a large area, the investment cost is high, and the production capacity is large. The output range of the fully automatic fries line is 300kg/h~2t/h.

Fully automatic frozen chips processing plant
Fully Automatic Frozen Chips Processing Plant

Application of the french fries production line

This french fries machine is not only suitable for french fries, but also for the production of potato chips. Multiple choices for the customer, they can produce the product according to the market demand. Frozen french fries can be produced by this line. According to the customer’s feedback, all the machines have been improved over the years. The technology of producing the machines is very mature which minimized production costs to increase the client’s sales interest.

French fries process flow

Cleaning and peeling - picking - cutting strips - blanching - dehydration - frying - deoiling - air drying - freezing - packaging - refrigeration - sale

Note: Automatic french fries/chips production lines are the same in the general, only the machines used for slicing are different.

Small-scale frozen french fries production line

The small French fries production line is mainly produced by semi-automatic French fries production machines. The output of the small French fries line is 50kg/h~500kg/h. The heating method has electric heating and gas heating.

Semi automaic french fries production line production process
Semi-Automatic French Fries Production Line Production Process

Production steps of small French fries line

  • Firstly, potatoes will be put into the Washing Machine. the washing machine will remove the dirt on the surface of the potatoes. And the small holes on the potatoes will not escape the magic claws of the washing machine.
  • Next, the peeled potatoes are automatically shifted to the stripper or slicer. The stripper machineswill cut the potatoes into thin strips,the size of french fries is usually 7*7mm.
  • The third step will be automatically transferred to The Rinsing Machine. Let the potato chips or potato strips take a bath, and proceed to the next process in vain.
  • In the fourth step, the washed potatoes will be transferred to The Dehydration Machine. This will allow the parts on the surface of the potatoes to dry quickly. It is also to prevent the oil from splashing outside during the frying process and reduce the use of oil.
  • In the fifth step, the air-dried potatoes will be transported to The Fryer Machine. The frying temperature is 170 degrees Celsius, and the frying time is about 3 to 5 minutes. The fried potatoes are shining.
  • The sixth step will go through The Oil Removing Machine. The  Oil Removing Machine engineering and the working principle of the dehydrator are the same, except that one puts oil and one puts water.
  • In the seventh step, the potatoes will be transferred to the freezer machine for freezing in case the french fries stick together.
  • Finally, French Fries or potato chips will be packaged and put into the warehouse.

50kg/h semi-automatic French fries line technical parameters

Machine namePictureDetails
Potato washing peeling machinePotato washing peeling machineModel: TZ-800
Capacity: 700kg/h
Dimension: 1580*850*800 mm
Voltage: 220v,50hz
Power: 1.5kw
Weight: 180kg
One batch:2 minute
Material: 304 stainless steel
Rollers: 9 pcs
Machine with wheels, sprays, and water tray.
french fries cutter machineFrench fries cutting machineModel: TZ-600
Dimension :950*800*950mm
Voltage : 220v,50hz
power: 1.1kw
Weight: 110kg
Material: 304 stainless steel
potato strips blanching machineFinger chips blanching machineModel: TZ-500
weight: 70kg
Heating type: Electric
Capacity: 50kg/h
Material: 304 stainless steel
One batch:1-2 minutes
Remove the starch
dehydratorCentrifugal de-watering machineModel: TZ-400
Voltage : 220v,50hz
Weight: 360kg
Material: 304 stainless steel
Time: 1-3 minutes
french fries frying machinePotato fries frying machineModel: TZ-500
weight: 70kg
Heating type: Electric
Capacity: 50kg/h
Material: 304 stainless steel
de-oiling machineDe-oiling machineModel: TZ-900
Dimension :1100*500*850mm
Power: 1.5kw
Weight: 350kg
Material: 304 stainless steel
frozen french fries freezerFrench fries freezing machineModel: TZ-650
Layer:20 layers
Min temperature:-45℃
Tray size:400*600mm
Capacity: 200-300kg/h
Freezing medium: R-404A
Condenser: air cooling
Power:5.5kw Inner
Out size:1400*1142*1872mm
Weight: 490kg
Material: 304 stainless steel
french fries packaging machineFrench fry packaging machineModel: TZ300
weight: 260kg
Capacity:300 kg/h
Material: 304 stainless steel

Advantages of the semi-automatic french fries processing line

  • The fries machine in the small fries line is simple in structure, small in area and low in investment cost
  • All semi-automatic French fries machines are made of all 304 stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and durable.
  • The French fries fryer in the production line and the blanching machine have electric heating and air heating methods. It is convenient for customers to choose suitable heating methods for local heating resources.
  • Moreover, the fryer and the blanching machine adopt high-quality seamless heating tubes, which ensure safety in production.
  • This small-scale fries line is suitable for initial investors or small-scale fries production plants with limited capital sites.

Fully automatic french fries processing plant

Fully automatic french fries production line
fully automatic French fries production line

The automatic fries production plant is mainly composed of automated potato processing machines. This fully automatic fries line uses an intelligent digital control system to control the operation of the entire fries production process. The production output of the large-scale automatic French fries line is 300kg/h~2t/h. It can also be heated by electricity and gas heating.

Fully automatic French Fry production Line production steps

Fully automatic french fry processing plant manufacturing steps
Fully Automatic French Fry Processing Plant Manufacturing Steps
  • First, use a conveyor belt to transfer potatoes into the spiral brush cleaning machine
  • The spiral brush cleaning machine automatically cleans peeled potatoes, and the potatoes are pushed forward and discharged under the action of the spiral.
  • The washed potatoes are manually picked out by hand while passing through the conveyor belt
  • The French fries cutting machine cuts potatoes into potato strips of the same size, and the cutting size range of the fries machine is 3~12mm.
  • The potato strips are conveyed by the conveyor belt into the lint roller cleaning machine for impurity removal and selection
  • The selected potato chips are cleaned by a washing machine
  • Then the potato strips are blanched by a continuous blanching machine to remove excess starch in the potatoes
  • After being air-dried by a vibrating dewatering machine and an air dryer, enter the fryer for frying
  • The continuous fries fryer with a double-layer mesh belt can control the temperature and time of frying
  • The fried French fries are air-dried through a vibration-degreasing machine and an air dryer
  • The French fries need to be frozen in the freezer before packaging to prevent adhesion
  • Finally, package the French fries in a bag through an automatic French fries packaging machine.

300kg/h large automatic french fries processing plant parameters

Machine namePictureParameter
hoistHoist to convey potatoesPower:0.55kw
Belt speed: adjustable
Motor brand: Siemens
Material:304 SUS
Belt: PVC
screw potato cleaning machineScrew potato cleaning machinePower:4.37kw
Inside screw speed: adjustable
Motor brand: Siemens
Material:304 SUS
picking lineFrench fries picking machinePower:0.75kw
Belt speed: adjustable
Motor brand: Siemens
Material:304 SUS
electric potato chips cutterElectric french fries cutterPower:1.1kw
Motor brand: Siemens
Material:304 SUS
hoistHoist in the fries linePower:0.75kw
Belt speed: adjustable
Motor brand: Siemens
Material:304 SUS
hair roller remover machineHair roller removerSize:2400*1000*1300mm
Motor brand: Siemens
Material:304 SUS
rinsing machineRinsing machinePower:2.95kw
Motor brand: Siemens
Material:304 SUS
continuous french fries blanching machinePotato strips blanching machinePower:60kw
Burner: Italy Riello
Heating: diesel
Material:304 SUS
vibration water removerVibration water removerPower:0.5kw
Motor brand: Siemens
Material:304 SUS
air cooling machineAir cooling machinePower:7.5kw
Fan power:0.75kw*10pcs
Wind pressure:120pa
Material:304 SUS
hoistHoist to convey french friesPower:0.75kw
Material:304 SUS
industrial french fries frying machineFrench fries frying machinePower:80kw
Burner brand: Italy liya road
Heating:diesel 260,000 kcal
Motor: Siemens Controller: Schneider
Material:304 SUS
oil tankOil tankDiameter:1.2m Height:1.5m
Raw material:304 SS
vibration oil removerVibration oil removerPower:0.5kw
Motor: Siemens
Material:304 SUS
air coolerAir dryerPower:7.5kw
Fan power:0.75kw*10pcs
Wind pressure:120pa
Material:304 SUS
hoistFries conveyorPower:0.75kw
Material:304 SUS
continuous french fries freezerIndustrial french fries freezerSize:1100030002600mm
Mesh belt width:1500mm
Stainless steel fan:6*1.5kw
Mesh belt motor: Siemens
PLC: Siemens SUS 304
Inner box thickness:0.8mm
external thickness:0.8mm
Inner Insulation cotton;120mm
Compressor brand:Germany Bitzer
Material:304 SUS

Features of the automatic French fries production line:

  • The automatic French fries production line saves labor, and it only needs four to five people to operate the entire line.
  • French fries production at a low cost. Raw materials are potatoes with low prices, and recycling cost faster.
  • The chips processing machine uses a power-saving motor to save electricity and reduce production costs.
  • The whole french fries production line has low fuel consumption and an adjustable frying temperature.
  • Capacity: fully automatic production line output of 300-1000 kg matches the suitable machine according to customer needs.
  • Advanced mechanical configuration and control of French fries machine. It can always keep a safe working condition, which not only improves the output but also makes the product quality stable. The color, fragrance, and taste of the final product are unified.
  • Automatic filtration of the continuous fryer in the production line can greatly extend the service life of the oil. It is no need to change the oil frequently. The oil consumed in the product frying process is equivalent to the oil absorbed by the product, and the oil utilization is greatly improved.
  • The advanced and efficient heating system avoids energy waste and saves a lot of energy expenditure. The continuous work of the production line has improved the work efficiency, effectively reduced the cost, and is also very helpful for labor expenditure and management expenditure.
  • The use of this equipment can greatly improve product quality, reduce various costs in the production process, and make products more competitive in the market.
French fries production line
French Fries Production Line

Automatic frozen chips plant particularly Processing

  1. Price (in terms of price, our price is more favorable in the same industry. If your purchase volume is relatively large, we will also give you some discounts based on the original price)
  2. Use time (in the case of proper maintenance, the use time is 5 to 6 years)
  3. Working efficiency,( high output per unit time, 200~500kg/h, 500~800kg/h, 800~1000kg/h. We can equip different capacity of mechanical equipment according to different needs of customers)
  4. Capacity (300~1000kg)