300kg/h french fries production line in Pakistan

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The small-scale frozen French fries line equipment is easy to operate, the investment area is small, and the production output is large, so it is popular in small-scale French fries production plants. Taizy small fries production line has been exported to the United States, the Philippines, Nigeria, South Africa, and many other regions in the world. Recently, we exported a 300kg/h French fries production line to Pakistan.

Pakistan french fries production line order details

300kg small french fries line deliver to pakistan
300Kg Small French Fries Line Deliver To Pakistan

The Pakistani customer sent us an inquiry about the French fries production processing machine at the end of April. After detailed understanding, we learned that the Pakistani customer plans to start a small French fries business locally. He plans to sell the French fries he produces to supermarkets, small vendors, and fast-food restaurants. Because of the initial opening of this business, he did not invest much. Therefore, we recommend to him the small semi-automatic fries line. The customer finally bought a 300kg/h production line. And it bought a dehydrator for dehydration and deoiling. In order to expand the service life of the production line, he also purchased multiple frying frames and other accessories.

What does the 300kg/h French fries production line bring to Pakistani customers?

Frozen french fries produced by the small french fries line
Frozen French Fries

Since all the machines in the French fries production line are made of all 304 stainless steel, they can be clean and tidy during use and the service life can be guaranteed. Moreover, all machines have already installed before they leave the factory. Therefore, the customer can turn on the switch after receiving the machine. The 300kg/h French fries line has an input-output of 300kg per hour, and its production output is large. Therefore, customers can quickly payback. The semi-automatic French fries line can be operated by 3 to 5 people, and the operation of the machine is very simple.

Introduction of French fries production line

The French fries production line includes some machines used to make frozen French fries. The machines mainly include washing machines, peeling machines, blanching machines, frying machines, dehydrating and degreasing machines, freezers, packaging machines, and other machines. The production line's output range is 50kg/h~2t/h. We not only provide small production lines, but also provide fully automatic potato processing machines for large-scale production plants. And we can also customize the machine according to customer needs.

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