200kg~300kg small potato chips plant

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In the small potato chips plant, the 200kg and 300kg per hour production lines are the output that customers often purchase. These two types of output are in the middle of the semi-automatic line. Its output is larger than that of 50kg and 100kg, and the investment cost is not much worse than theirs. Therefore, the 200~300kg/h potato chip line is the best choice for potato chip manufacturers who want large output and small investment.

200kg/h small potato chips plant configuration

1. Washing and peeling machinePotato washing peeling machine Model: TZ-800
Capacity : 1000kg/h
Dimension: 1780*850*800 mm
Voltage: 380v,50hz,3 phase
Power: 1.5kw  
Weight : 180kg
One batch:2 minutes
Material: 304 stainless steel
Rollers: 9 pcs Machine with wheels, sprays, water tray.
2. cutter machinePotato chips slicer Model:TZ-600
Voltage: 380v,50hz,3 phase
Weight: 110kg
Material:304 Stainless steel
Knife: thickness 1mm chips or according to client needs
3. Blanching machine  200kg potato blanching machineModel:TZ-1500
Voltage:380v,50hz,3 phase
weight: 180kg 
size :2200*700*950mm
Heating type : electric
Material: 304 stainless steel
One batch:1-2 minutes
4. DehydratorDehydration machine Model: TZ-400
Capacity :300kg/h
Size :1000*500*700mm
Voltage:380v,50hz, 3 phase
Power :1.5kw  
Weight : 360kg
Material: 304 stainless steel
Time: 1-3 minutes
Function: After blanching the potato, the surface has water, it can’t directly fry, so it needs to use this machine to remove water. You can set the time by yourself
5. Frying machine 200kg potato slice frying machine Model:TZ-1500
Voltage:380v,50hz,3 phase
Weight: 180kg 
Size :2200*700*950mm
Heating type : electric
Material: 304 stainless steel
6. Deoiling machine De-oiling machine Model: TZ-400
Capacity :300kg/h
Dimension :1000*500*700mm
Voltage:380v,50hz, 3 phase
Power: 1.5kw  Weight : 360kg
Material: 304 stainless steel F
7. Seasoning machine Chips seasoning machine   Model:TZ--800
Weight: 130kg
Power : 1.5kw
Capacity :300kg/h
Voltage:380v,50hz, 3 phase
Material: 304 stainless steel
Simple design, cost-saving, but does not affect production function and efficiency.
   8. Nitrogen-filled packing machineChips packaging machine Model: TZ-300
Size: 1200*600*850mm
Voltage: 380v/220v, 50hz, 3 phase
Notes: the machine has a nitrogen function, you just need to equip the nitrogen tank by yourself.

The difference between 200kg and 300kg small potato chip lines

For the semi-automatic potato chip line, the machine configuration inside is similar. It's just that the output of the blanching machine and the fryer is different. In the small potato chips plant, the blanching machine and the fryer are frame fryers. The output of this fryer depends on the number of their boxes. The more blanching frames or frying frames, the greater the output. One box can carry 50kg of potatoes. Therefore, the 200kg/h potato chip line equips with 4 frames of blanching machine and fryer. The 300kg/h potato chip line equips with 6 frames of blanching machine and frying machine.