What is the input cost of the potato chip production line?

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 The potato chip production line is used to produce the familiar fried potato chips. The production line contains a series of potato chip processing machines. Potato chips making machine for the factory has many advantages such as convenient use and energy-saving and has been widely used in recent years. Many people who invest in potato chip production businesses need to use potato chip processing machines to make potato chips in large quantities. Therefore, the input cost of the potato chip production line has become a factor that people are more concerned about. So how to open a potato chip factory? What is the input cost of the potato chip production line?

How to open a potato chip production factory?

Although the potato chips business is relatively popular all over the world, before opening a potato chip production factory, you should first consider various issues such as capital, location, employment of workers, factory registration, sales channels, and so on.

Potato Chips Manufacturing Plant

Funds are a very important factor that must be considered when opening a new business. Without funds, all ideas will vanish. Of course, if you have that strength, you can prepare a portion of the funds yourself, and then borrow from the bank or submit documents to the government to obtain government support.

After solving the funding problem, you need to consider the supply chain. For example, where to obtain cheaper potato resources and how to sell the potato chips produced. The supply chain is another important factor in opening a new business. Without a good supply chain, the cost of potato chips produced will increase and the price of potato chips will increase, making it more difficult to sell.

Potato Supply Chain

After solving these two major problems, other problems can be easily solved.

When developing the potato chips business, the purchase of potato chips making machines for factories also occupies a more important position. So what machines are needed for potato chips production?

What potato chips making machine for factory to choose?

The potato chip production line is equipped with relatively advanced technology. It combines the essence of similar products and the advantages of various equipment. The production line is an advanced technology, easy to use, powerful, and investment-saving equipment.

Large Potato Chips Assembly Line

The potato chip manufacturing process is not complicated. This potato chip assembly line contains multiple potato processing machines, namely: elevator, washing, and peeling machine, picking line, potato chip slicer, rinsing line, blanching line, air-cooled dehydrator, frying machine, degreasing Machine, seasoning machine, air-cooled picking line, packaging machine. This is part of the large potato chip assembly line. The small potato chip assembly line includes washing and peeling machines, potato chip machines, blanching machines, dehydrating machines, frying machines, de-oiling machines, seasoning machines, packaging machines, and other machines. The small potato chip production line requires manual operation between the two machines. The large potato chip assembly line is replaced by a conveyor belt.

Semi Automatic Potato Chips Production Line Process

What is the input cost of potato chips production machinery?

In order to meet the needs of potato chip manufacturers of different specifications, Shuliy mainly provides a variety of potato chips making machines for factories with different outputs. From small to large production lines, the output range of the potato chip assembly line is 50kg/h~2t/h. It can meet the needs of large, medium, and small potato chip manufacturers. And for the blanching machine and frying machine, we also provide different heating methods such as electric heating and air heating. With different heating methods, the price of the machine is also different. We can give a range of 5000USD~20,0000USD for the potato chip production line cost. You can choose a type of output to ask us about the specific quotation of potato chips making machine for the factory. Or, we can match the production line with the right output for you according to your budget. If you want to know the price of potato chips production line, then please contact us.

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