What are the production line of potato chips characteristics?

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Fried potato chips are one of the popular snack foods in the world, and are popular among consumers. It is a popular food of all ages. And potatoes contain nutrients needed by the human body, a large number of inorganic salts, phosphorus, iron, carrots, and other nutrients. The production line of potato chips contains various machines for producing these fried potato chips. The production line has the characteristics of high automation and simple operation. The main steps of the potato chip production line are washing and peeling potatoes, then slicing, after blanching, frying, dehydration, and degreasing, seasoning, and packaging. So what are the characteristics of this potato chip production line with a huge production output?

Machines included in the production line of potato chips

The main production steps of potato chips are: potato cleaning and peeling-potato slices-blanching-dehydration-frying-degreasing-seasoning-packaging


Potato cleaning and peeling machine: This machine is mainly used to clean and peel potatoes. The potato cleaning and peeling machine use a diamond roller brush, which can complete the cleaning and peeling work at the same time.

Potato slicer: It cuts potatoes into thin slices or strips, and the slices or strips cut by this machine are uniforms in size and thickness.

Blanching potatoes: The blanching machine rinses the cut potato chips and protects the color.

Dewatering machine: The dewatering machine adopts a centrifugal dewatering machine, which can set the timing dewatering time.

Fryer: Fry potato chips, the time and temperature of frying can be set. The potato chip frying machine can be used in combination with an oil filter, oil storage tank, and other machines. The length and output of the potato chip fryer can be customized

De-oiling machine: De-oiling machine is similar to dehydrating machine, which de-oils the fried potato chips to ensure the taste of potato chips.

Seasoning machine: Season the fried potato chips to obtain a good taste. The potato chip seasoning machine has models such as a small star anise seasoning machine and a continuous drum seasoning machine, which can realize the continuous seasoning of potato chips.

Packaging machine: The potato chips are packed with nitrogen gas, which can effectively prevent the potato chips from breaking and prolong the shelf life of the food.

Production line of potato chips
Production Line Of Potato Chips

Features of production line of potato chips

  1. The potato chip production line has large and small production lines according to the customer's production scale and investment cost. Customers can choose a production line with suitable output according to their own funds, plant area, etc.
  2. All potato chip processing machines in the production line are made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and prolongs the service life of the machine.
  3. The production output range of the semi-automatic production line of potato chips is 50kg/h~500kg/h, which is suitable for small potato chip factories. The production output range of the fully automatic potato chip production line is 300kg/h~2t/h, which is suitable for large-scale potato chip factories.
  4. All machines can be matched and customized according to customer needs.
  5. The whole potato chip production line has a high degree of automation, saves labor, and improves work efficiency