50kg small potato chips production line

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For manufacturers who initially invest in the potato chips production business, the safest thing is to buy a small potato chip production line. Among the potato chips production lines produced by Taizy, the smallest production line is the 50kg chips production line. So what is the configuration of the 50kg/h potato chip line? The following introduces you to the details of the small potato chips production line.

Advantages of using potato to process potato chips

Potatoes are a crop with high yield, strong adaptability, wide distribution, and high nutritional value. Potato tubers are rich in starch and a variety of nutrients beneficial to the human body. And potato contains less fat, protein, and vitamin content than wheat, rice, corn, and other crops. Therefore, potato is a low-calorie, high-protein nutritious food. The potatoes are sliced, fried, and seasoned, and the potatoes are crispy and easy to digest. Moreover, potatoes are grown all over the world and are very easy to obtain. The steps for making this snack are also very simple. Therefore, the fried potato chip-making business is popular all over the world.

Processing flow of small potato chips production line


So do you know how small potato chip processing plants make fried potato chips? Small potato chip production plants usually purchase a small potato chips production line to process potatoes into fried potato chips. They cleaned and peeled the raw potatoes first, and then sliced the potatoes into thin slices using a potato slicer. Then use a blanching machine to blanch the potatoes to remove excess starch in potatoes. After dehydration, use a deep fryer to fry potato chips. Use a degreasing machine to remove excess oil from the fried potato chips and then use a seasoning machine to season the potato chips. After using the packaging machine to pack, you can get the fried potato chips that are often sold in the market.

50kg small scale potato chip production line configuration list

Potato washing and peeling machineSmall potato washing peeling machine Model: TZ-300Power:0.55kwCapacity:300kg/hSize :600*430*800mmWeight:70kg The model has Small footprint, with cleaning and peeling function.
Chips cutting machinePotato slicer Model :TZ-600Size:750*520*900mmWeight:70kgPower:0.75KWCapacity: 300-600kg/h The most professional fries machine, the shape of the cut potato chips looks good, the thickness is even.
Blanching machine(Electric heating) Blanching machine for potatoesModel :TZ-500Size:700*700*950mmWeight:70kgPower:12kwCapacity:50kg/hMaterial:304 stainless steel If you need gas heating,add 1400USD.The purpose of blanching is to remove starch. 
De-water machineDe-watering machine Model :TZ-400Size:1000*500*700mmWeight:360kgPower:1.5kwCapacity:300kg/h 
Frying machine(Electric heating)50kg chips frying machine Model :TZ-500Size:700*700*950mmWeight:70kgPower:12kwCapacity:50kg/hMaterial:304 stainless steel If you need gas heating,add 1400USD.The purpose of blanching is to remove starch. 
De-oil machineDe-oiling machine Model :TZ-400Size:1000*500*700mmWeight:360kgPower:1.5kwCapacity:300kg/h 
Seasoning machineChips seasoning machine Model:TZ-800Size:1000x800x1300mmWeight:130kgPower:1.5kwCapacity:300kg/h

Advice for small initial investors

For investors who are initially investing in the potato chip business, they need to be especially cautious when buying machines. You not only need to pay attention to the issues of potato chip production sites, machinery, and personnel employment. And also need to pay attention to the supply and sale of potatoes and potato chips. Therefore, for initial investors, the manufacturer of the Taizy potato chips production machine recommends that you first investigate the potato chip production market. Then buy machines to invest in the production of fried potato chips. And when buying a machine, you need to clarify the heating method that is convenient for you, production capacity and other issues. If you have investigated clearly and want to buy a machine to start producing potato chips. You can contact us, we will arrange business to discuss the potato chip machine with you and send you a quote for the machine.

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