100kg mini potato chip plant

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For a small potato chip production line, its output range is roughly 50~500kg/h. If the 50kg mini potato chips plant is suitable for initial investors, then the 100kg potato chip line expands its output. For small and large potato chip lines, they have both electric and gas heating methods to choose from.

Potato chip production line changes the way of potato chips production

The first fried potato chips came from an accident. Captain Vanderbilt complained to the chef that the potato chips were too thick. The chef cuts the potatoes into paper-like thin slices, fries them, and then sprinkles them with seasonings. So far, fried potato chips have been improved in different regions and gradually formed today's fried potato chips. The first fried potato chips were of course made by hand. With the acceleration of industrialization, the emergence of automated machinery has changed this mode of production. The production of potato chips began to develop in the direction of automation.

Why do we need a mini potato chip plant?

Hand-made fried potato chips not only have low production efficiency but also have uneven food cut sizes and bad shapes. The mechanized potato chip production line uses intelligent machinery to operate the production of potato chips. Commercial potato chip cutters cut potatoes into uniform thickness and uniform thickness. The electric or gas-heated potato chip fryer can control the temperature and time of frying during the frying process. The mini potato chip plant not only improves the production efficiency of potato chips but also transforms potato chip production into large-scale industrialization.

100kg/h gas mini potato chip plant configuration list

Item Picture Details
  Washing and peeling machinePotato washing peeling machine Model: TZ-800
Capacity: 600kg/h
Dimension: 1600*850*800 mm
Voltage: 220v,50hz
Power: 1.1kw  
Weight: 180kg
One batch:2 minutes
Material: 304 stainless steel
Rollers: 9 pcs Machine with wheels, sprays, water tray.
cutter machineCutter machine Model: TZ-600

Weight: 110kg

Blanching machine 100kg gas blanching machine Model: TZ-700 
Weight: 320kg 
Heating type: gas
Capacity:100 kg/h  50kg/batch (2 frames)
Material: 304 stainless steel
One batch:1-2 minutes
Remove the starch
DehydratorDehydration machine Model: TZ-900
Voltage : 220v,50hz
Weight: 360kg
Material: 304 stainless steel
Time: 1-3 minutes
Function: After blanching the potato, the surface has water, it can’t directly fry, so it needs to use this machine to remove water. You can set the time by yourself
Frying machine  100kg gas frying machineModel: TZ-700
Weight: 320kg
Capacity:100 kg/h
Material: 304 stainless steel
Heating type: gas
Frying time:40-60s  
Oil capacity: 100L
Frying temperature:160-180 degree
Function: frying the frozen french fries/potato chips, The frying machine in the use of a reservoir for controllable constant temperature, and uniform heating, 2. The residue in frying oil is filtered out automatically to ensure the oil is clean and can be used for a long time.
Deoiling machine 100kg gas frying machine Model: TZ-900
Dimension :1000*500*700mm
Power: 1.5kw  
Weight: 360kg
Material: 304 stainless steel
Function: after frying potato chips use this machine to remove the surface oil, then to the freezer machine.
Seasoning machine Chips seasoning machine   Model: TZ--800
Weight: 130kg
Power: 1.5kw
Material: 304 stainless steel
Simple design, cost-saving, but does not affect production function and efficiency.
mini potato chip plant