How many potatoes will get 1kg potato chips?

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Although we already know the potato chip manufacturing process, we still have many questions about the actual production process. For example, what is the input-output ratio of potato chips? Why do I need to blanch potatoes and how long does it take? What is the frying time and so on? Among these many questions, the input-output ratio of potato chips is the one that our customers ask us the most, and it is also the most important factor related to the customer's input cost and profit. So, let’s take a look at the most important issue in the potato chips manufacturing process line today.

Why calculate the input and output of potatoes and chips?

Potato chips produced by the potato chips manufacturing process line
Potato Chips

The input-output ratio refers to the ratio between the total input and output when running a project. This ratio is usually used to measure the indicators of technology projects and equipment renewal projects. The smaller the ratio, the better the economic effect, and the more worthy of investment. When starting a new potato chip business or replacing the high-volume potato chips manufacturing process line. The input-output ratio of potatoes and potato chips can be used to measure whether it is worth the investment. It can also calculate the profit of investing in potato chips.

What is the input-output ratio of potato chips?

How many potatoes will get 1kg potato chips
How Many Potatoes Will Get 1Kg Potato Chips

Because potatoes contain a lot of water, they will lose part of their water after being fried and de-oiled. After experimentation and specific production by the customer, 1kg of potatoes can be produced to produce 0.3kg potato chips. And the same weight of potatoes will get 0.6kg~0.7kg French fries. This is because the frying time of French fries is shorter than that of potato chips. Moreover, the French fries are immediately put into the quick-freezer for quick freezing after being fried. It also retains a portion of the water in the French fries.

What is the input cost and profit of potato chips

Potato chips manufacturing
Potato Chips Manufacturing

According to the above input-output ratio of potatoes, we assume that the price of potatoes is 0.5RMB/KG, assuming that 1000kg of potatoes are put into production, and it takes 10 days to process 100kg a day. Then the input cost of potatoes is 500RMB. 1000kg potatoes can be produced Produce 300kg potato chips. Assuming that the price of potato chips on the market is 3RMB/kg, then 300kg of potato chips can get 900RMB. Excluding the purchase cost of the potato chips manufacturing process line, within 10 days, you can get a profit of 400RMB. Therefore, you can make a profit in a short period of time.