How to make French fries like Mc Donald and KFC

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Fast food


French fries recipe

  1. Wash and peel potatoes, then cut into strips of consistent sizes.
  2. Boil for three or four minutes, turn off the fire before the potato chips are thoroughly softened, in case the potato chips are cooked too fragile.
  3. Put them onto a clean plate to drain the water after cooling down.
  4. Put the potato chips in the quick freezing chamber of the refrigerator to freeze the chips quickly after cooling. After freezing for a few hours, and the chips are frozen hard, it is ready for the subsequent steps. Deep-frying the frozen chips in a few minutes. French fries after deep frying are very crispy and tasty. Sprinkle the French fries with your favorite spices or serve them with catchup.

Tips: if you want fries to be fried crispy outside and inside, you can fry the frozen chips twice. Besides, according to their amount, the large quantity chips need to be fried for about 9 minutes.

How to start a fast food business?

Frying machine

Above is the recipe of Mc Donald style French fries for home-made potato fries, while if you want to start a French fires business or a fast food business, the large fully automatic frying machine invented and developed by Shuliy Machinery is your primary choice for the characteristics as following:

Large fully automatic frying machine of 304 stainless steel construction, its operation is simple, safe, easy to clean, low maintenance, energy saving, inverter control mesh bag is equipped suitable for different kind of fried food processing, internal or to adopt advanced technology for oil/water mixed with full oil filter technology, which has completely changed the structure of the traditional frying equipment, fundamentally remove the disadvantages of the traditional frying machine, large automatic frying machine can realize automatic feeding, automatic discharging, automatic temperature control, automatic filtering, and other functions, for floating raw material, double mesh belt for conveying are provided in order to prevent the phenomenon of floating cannot be timely delivery. The water inlet valve is located at the bottom of the oil layer, so that water can be added without influencing the frying process. Automatic frying machine is characterized by safety ensured operation, short heating time, high yielding capability, long service life, good impact resistance, moisture resistance and high-temperature resistance, which makes it easy to load and unload, small and agile.

Deoiling machine

Precaution of automatic frying machine   

when the automatic frying machine is working, it should be installed horizontally with the liquid level 10mm higher than the pipe surface to prevent empty burning resulting in excessively high temperature in the electric heating pipe and premature wire breakage; After long-term use,  clean up the surface of the electric heat pipe regularly, clean up carbonized waste and adhesive material accumulated to prevent  corrosion of the electric heat pipe; Choose suitable  material according to different heating medium to ensure automatic frying machine 's service life.