How do make fried potato chips in the factory?

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The potato occupies an important position in people's food and drink. Potatoes are the fourth largest food crop after wheat, corn, and rice. The various foods made from potatoes are also deeply loved by everyone. For example, fried potato chips, fried potato chips, potato cakes, and other products. So how did potatoes become fried potato chips? How are fried potato chips made in the factory?

How to make potato chips in the factory?

Potato chips are generally made in large quantities in factories. And mass production means that it needs to use potato chips making plant machines with a high degree of automation.

To make potato chips in a factory, it generally needs to go through the steps of washing, peeling, slicing, blanching, dehydrating, frying, degreasing, frying, seasoning, and packaging. Do you feel that the production of potato chips is very complicated and requires so many steps? But in a factory, it only requires manual operation of the machine, and the machine automatically processes potatoes. So let's take a look at the specific steps of the factory to make fried potato chips.

Steps for making fried potato chips in the factory

Potato cleaning

Potato cleaning

Large factories usually use a spiral brush cleaning machine to clean potatoes, which can clean and peel potatoes. Moreover, the spiral structure facilitates the transportation and discharge of potatoes. Large factories generally need to use conveyor belts to transport ginger potatoes to the washing machine. And after cleaning, it is usually necessary to use a picking station to pick the potatoes.

Potato slices

The use of the potato slicer reduces manual operations, and the use of a mechanized slicer can ensure that the thickness of the potato slices is more uniform.

Blanching potato chips

Large potato chip production plants will clean the potatoes again after slicing. Then use a blanching machine to blanch the potato chips. The blanching step can remove excess starch in the potatoes to ensure the flavor of the potato chips. If you want to make the fried potato chips have a specific color and taste, you can add some auxiliary materials during the blanching process.



In order to ensure the continuity of the steps in the large potato chips making plant machine, it uses a vibrating drain machine to dehydrate and deoil the potato chips. The vibrating drainer uses a vibrating motor to vibrate the machine, and the material is carried on the machine to vibrate. Therefore, it can achieve the effects of vibration draining and degreasing.

Fried potato chips

The frying step is the most important part of making fried potato chips and French fries. The use of potato chip fryers in the continuous industry ensures the continuity of potato chip frying. And it can also set the frying temperature and time on the intelligent control panel.

Potato chips seasoning

Through the conveyor belt, the fried and de-oiled potato chips are transported to the seasoning machine for seasoning, and the seasoning machine can automatically spray the seasoning. The rotating seasoning machine ensures that the seasoning is evenly distributed on the fried potato chips.

Potato Chips Packaging

The conveyor belt conveys the potato chips to the potato chip packaging machine. The potato chip packaging machine first weighs the potato chips and then feeds the potato chips of the same weight into the packaging tank through several hoppers. The packaging machine automatically supports the bag and transports the weighed potato chips to the packaging belt. Then the packaging machine automatically realizes the steps of sealing and inflating. In this way, a packet of potato chips is already packaged.

The above is the process of making fried potato chips using automated potato chips making plant machine in the factory. Isn’t it very enjoyable?