What is the temperature and time for frying fries?

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French fries are a kind of food made from potatoes, cut into strips, and deep-fried. French fries are currently popular all over the world. However, differences in potato varieties, production processes, cutting sizes, etc. will also bring different experiences to consumers. Among them, the frying process of French fries has been widely discussed. The difference in the time and temperature of frying gives the French fries a huge difference in taste. So when making French fries, what is the frying temperature of the french fries deep fryer machine, and what is the best frying time?

The practice of French fries in the industry

The industry French fries mainly go through the processes of potato washing, peeling, cutting, blanching, dehydrating, frying, degreasing, freezing, and packaging.

French fries production process
French Fries Production Process

Potato cleaning and peeling: This step is to clean the potatoes and remove the outer skin of the potatoes. In the production of fries in the industry, it mainly uses a brush potato cleaning machine for cleaning. The brush on the washing machine touches and rubs the skin of the potato, and at the same time, the skin is cleaned by high-pressure spray water.

Cutting: The common French fries size on the market is 7*7, 8*8, 9*9mm. Commercial potato cutting machines can cut a variety of sizes of French fries by changing the cutter plate of different sizes.

Blanching: Potatoes contain more starch. In order to enhance the taste of French fries, it is usually necessary to blanch potato chips.

Dehydration: The blanched potato chips need to be dehydrated by a dehydrator to fry the watermelon to prevent the splashing of oil stains.

Frying: The professional French fries deep fryer machine is usually used for potato frying in the industry. Commercial french fries deep fryer machines generally use intelligent PLC to control the frying process, and the frying temperature and time can be automatically controlled during the frying process.

De-oiling: The fried French fries are automatically de-oiled in the de-oiling machine, and the excess oil on the French fries is removed.

Frozen: The production of fries in the industry is usually mass production, and it is usually supplied to supermarkets, fast food restaurants, etc. The produced French fries need to be frozen before they can be packaged and transported.

Packaging: The quick-frozen French fries are packaged using an automatic packaging machine, and then they can be distributed to the market.

French fries
French Fries

The French fries taste is related to the way of frying

Taizy French fries production machine manufacturer pays attention to the taste and frying method of French fries to improve the french fries deep fryer machine

Performance. After many experiments and customer feedback, Taizy learned about the process of frying French fries and the way to ensure the taste of French fries.

When frying fries, the moment the fries enter the hot oil, the moisture on the surface of the fries will immediately vaporize. It ejects air currents similar to volcanic eruptions, causing splashes of hot oil. The surface of the fries will become crispy due to drying. In the inside of the fries, the temperature will rise sharply, and the water vapor that does not evaporate through the surface in time will be trapped inside, steaming the potatoes to achieve a fluffy taste, which complements the crispy skin.

French fries taste
French Fries Taste

How long does it take to fry frozen French fries?

Some people think that the best French fries should be deep-fried twice, the first time using low-temperature frying and the second time using high-temperature frying. However, the secondary frying method may not be a general industry standard. For example, McDonald's will first blanch French fries, then freeze them, and then deep-fry them on site. However, McDonald's approach is more popular in the production of French fries in large industries. Blanching can reduce the acrylamide content in French fries. The fried potatoes can form a uniform color. So blanching and then frying can make the color of the fries more attractive. In this industry practice, many French fries manufacturers have gradually obtained an optimal French fries frying time and temperature. French fries are generally fried for 40~60S, and the temperature is controlled at 160~180℃.