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The finger chips fryer(french fries frying machine) is mainly used in the French fries production line for frying potato fries. The fryer is not only used in the production of fried French fries, it is also suitable for fried meat, vegetables, pasta, nuts, and other foods. The commercial finger chips fryer mainly adopts manual feeding and discharging. The frying temperature can be controlled by the machine, using electricity or gas as the heating energy, and the operation is simple. The fried product has a clean and tidy appearance and good taste.

Structure of commercial finger chips fryer

The commercial finger chips fryer is mainly composed of a frame, frying frame, baffle, heating tube, and other components

Commercial finger chips fryer
Commercial Finger Chips Fryer

The frying frame of the machine is a liftable frying frame, which is convenient for transporting the next batch of frying materials

The setting of the baffle effectively blocks the splash of oil caused by the frying process

Its heating tube is used to generate heat to heat up the cooking oil for frying fries.

The frame of the entire French fries frying machine is made of 304 stainless steel, and the cutting frame contains thermal insulation cotton.

Advantages of automatic french fries fryer

  1. French fries frying machine is a smokeless, multi-functional, frying equipment that can mix water and oil
  2. The machine has a variety of production output such as 50kg/h, 100kg/h, 200kg/h, etc.
  3. During use, it can control the oil layer at a constant temperature and heat evenly, making the finished product delicate and soft.
  4. It is widely used for frying all kinds of food, one machine is multi-purpose, and can continuously frying all kinds of food without odor
  5. The machine can save energy by 50% and fuel by 40%. It is a fuel-saving, environmentally friendly, hygienic, and practical high-tech food equipment developed by our company through the introduction, digestion, and absorption of foreign advanced technology.
  6. The whole machine is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, which is strong and durable with a low failure rate
  7. Unique baffle and pulley design makes frying safer and more efficient
  8. The commercial French fries fryer uses seamless heating tubes, making frying safer.
Batch french fries frying machine
Batch French Fries Frying Machine

French fries frying machine price in Pakistan

This small French fry fryer is welcomed by customers in many countries and regions because of its wide application range, high production output, and competitive price. Among them, the commercial finger chips fryer machine is particularly popular in Pakistan. A food distributor has bought the machine twice from us and distributed it locally. According to the customer's report, he received good feedback from the local customer who purchased the commercial fryer. This prompted him to return the order to buy again. Because the automatic French fries fryer has different models and different frying methods. Therefore, the French fries frying machine is also different in Pakistan.

Commercial finger chips frying machine running video

Automatic finger chips deep fryer Introduction

This kind of finger chips fryer machine is suitable for medium and small fried food processing companies, customers can choose electric heating or gas heating ways. According to the customer's different requirements, you can choose 1 box, 2 boxes, 3 boxes, or 4 boxes.

Batch finger chips fryer operation

Pouring oil into the machine, when the oil is heated to the proper temperature, putting the potato strips, potato chips, and other materials into the machine. After a few minutes, removing the fried material from the frying machine with a spoon and putting them into the oil removing machine.

Batch finger chips fryer for sale
Batch Finger Chips Fryer For Sale

French fries fryer parameters

Model Power Capacity Size Weight
TZ-F500 12kw 50kg/h 700*700*950mm 70kg
TZ-F1000 24kw 100kg/h 1200*700*950mm 100kg
TZ-F1500 36kw 150kg/h 1700*700*950mm 160kg
TZ-F2000 42kw 200kg/h 2200*700*950mm 180kg