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Potato cutting machine

potaot slicer machine


Potato cutting machine is suitable for cutting vegetables into strips and is widely used in French fries shop. The potato cutter mainly consists of a frame, a blade, a transmission, and a discharge cover. Cutting with a slanted knife and a curved knife, smooth cut surface, will not damage the fiber of the potato.



  1. The potato cutter machine can be customized to produce potato slices, cut strips, shredded, multiple uses for one machine;
  2. Potato size, the thickness can be adjusted;
  3. The removed potato strips have a smooth surface and are not damaged;


  1. The potato cutting machine, the overall use of 304 stainless steel production, in line with the requirements of the food hygiene;
  2. The device adopts the high-quality waterproof  switch, a key to start and stop, easy to operate;
  3. Upgrade large powerful copper motor, more power, and more energy savings;
  4. The potato cutting machine equipped with four movable casters, convenient equipment for mobile location;


Model Dimension Power Voltage Capacity Weight
TZQT-600 950*800*950mm 1.1KW 220V/380V 600kg/h 110kg


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