Working principle of full automatic puffed food processing line

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Puffed food


Working principle of puffed packaging machine

Puffing packaging machine was developed from a simple make-up machine, which was originally used in the plastics industry.  But it was becoming widely used in the food and other industries. Currently, the puffed food extruders are mainly screwed extruders, including single screw and double screw extruder according to the structure. The extruding food processing equipment is a mixer, cooling conveyor, oil injection machine, seasoning machine, filling machine, packing machine, etc.

Puffed food packaging machine

The working mechanism of automatic food extruder

Extrusion effect is achieved by comprehensive action of dewatering, mechanical shearing and pressure force completed in short-time processing under a circumstance of high temperature and high pressure. When raw materials with certain moisture content are sending forward through feeder into the sleeve along with the rotating screw conveyor gradually by the compression, through the rolling and heat effect and absorbing heating energy of the external combined with force generated by strong stirring material in the screw between the sleeves,  and shear effects such as high temperature, high pressure, make the material in the extrusion transformed into molten state, organization of closely packed micelle in the starch are destroyed, that is to say, the process in which raw starch transform into cooked starch, namely, is starch gelatinization, during which process, the moisture in the material remains in the liquid state.

When molten material sent into the molding die before entering the high-temperature area, is in a flowing state, and finally are extruded out of the spout holes and with reaching atmospheric pressure state material are heated to the boiling point, then through rapid evaporation, the steam spray out with starch volume expanded, and the material bursting out creates many pores, thus structure of puffed food created.