How to Start a Fried Chicken Business?

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Fried chicken is kind of fast food that juicy chicken coated with crisp. Taking a bite of the crunchy crispy chicken thigh, satisfaction will be brought to us along with the meat juice and the fried wheat flavor spreading in our mouths—no one can resist the lure of this crunchy, golden snack! But how to cook such golden snack by ourselves? Let’s take a look.

Raw chicken legs

How to pick a fresh chicken thigh

The very first step of making a perfect fried chicken is to choose the fresh chicken thigh. Choose a fresh chicken thigh following these tips: the color of the fresh cut chicken is pinky white with a hint of bright yellow; to pock the skin of the chicken thigh, the concaved skin will bounce back immediately, which indicating the freshness of meat tissue; smell it to see if there is the peculiar smell, if not, the right chicken thigh is right in your hand, in contrary, pick from other chicken thighs.

Yummy wheat flavor fried chicken recipe

1. Mix 150g special seasoning mixture for chicken with 150g pure water thoroughly;
2. Marinate 4-5 pieces of chicken thighs into milk, then add the seasoning mixture in and stir, mix them evenly;
3. Tap the paste-coated chicken thighs gently with flavoring flour until the chicken thigh is covered by the dry flavoring flour with the “flakes” are created (repeat this step if the ideal coating effect has yet to be achieved);
4. Deep-fry the coated chicken thigh in the boiled oil till the wheat scent emitting and the “flakes” turn golden (repeat this step if the ideal frying effect has yet to be achieved).
5. Sprinkle cumin, sea salt or black pepper onto the fried chicken;
6. Serve the fried chicken with cola with an oil-absorbing napkin under the chicken.Frying machine4

To start a commercial fried chicken business

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