How many potatoes to get 1kg of fries?

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After we dissect how to start a french fries business and whether it is profitable or not, we may still have many questions. One of them is how many potatoes are in 1kg french fries, which is of great significance for us to analyze the input-output ratio of the french fries business. To understand this question, we first need to know how fries are made.

How are fries made?

As a frozen french fries production line manufacturer, we can tell you the production of French fries is very simple. Its production method is similar to that of French fries. The basic process is: cleaning and peeling -- cutting strips -- blanching -- dehydration -- frying -- deoiling -- freezing -- packaging -- secondary frying.

Frozen french fries production line manufacturer
Frozen French Fries Production Line Manufacturer

The above is how the big fries processing plants get their fries. After the fries are produced and packaged by the french fries processing plant, the fries are shipped to various supermarkets, and the fast-food restaurants are used for secondary frying. The fries taste better after the second frying.

Consume while frying fries

Once we know the production process of french fries, we will know that there is a certain consumption when making french fries. Raw potatoes contain a lot of water. After blanching, dehydration, frying, and deoiling, the water content of potatoes is reduced. Therefore, the weight of the French fries will be reduced.

What about the fries frying temperature and time
Frying Fries

How many potatoes get 1kg of fries?

While we do know for sure that the water content of potatoes decreases during frying, we don't know exactly how much. Because it is related to the type of potatoes and the production process. However, after many experiments by Taizy frozen french fries production line manufacturer and feedback from customers, we know the general information. That is, 1kg of potatoes can get about 0.6~0.7kg of French fries. That is, if you want to get 1kg of fries, then you need to put in about 1.7kg of potatoes.