What is the frozen french fries production process in a factory?

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With the widespread development of the french fries business, people began to wonder how french fries were produced. We can easily make French fries at home. What about the frozen french fries production process in the factory? Let's take a look at how the factory produces frozen fries.

Factory Frozen French Fries Production Steps

Factory production french fries production process is: potato cleaning, peeling, cutting, blanching, dehydrating, frying, degreasing, freezing, packaging.

Fully automatic frozen french fries production step
Fully Automatic Frozen French Fries Production Step
  • Washing and peeling potatoes is the first step in the production of French fries in factories. It first washes fresh potatoes to remove skin stains. Then use a potato peeler to remove the skin from the potatoes.
  • After obtaining the peeled potatoes in the previous step, the factory uses a professional potato slicer to cut the potatoes into evenly sized strips. The size of regular potato sticks is 3~12mm.
  • Blanching is an essential part of the frozen french fries production process. In this step, the potato strips are soaked in hot water at 80~100℃ to remove the starch from the potatoes. Blanching will keep the potatoes from sticking and ensure good fries.
  • To prevent frying splatter, a dehydrator is usually used to remove excess moisture from the potato chips before frying.
  • The factory produces french fries using an industrial french fry machine. The industrial french fries fryer can ensure uniform frying temperature during frying, and can intelligently control frying time.
  • After frying, of course, a degreasing machine is used to remove the oil from the fries.
  • After frying and degreasing, the factory generally freezes the fried French fries in a freezer. The temperature of frozen fries is generally -12~18℃.
  • The French fries taken out of the freezer can be transported to fast-food restaurants, supermarkets, and other places for sale after being packaged by the French fries packaging machine.

Due to the large volume of potatoes processed by the factories, they are connected by a conveyor belt between every two steps. Therefore, it can reduce the contact of personnel and increase the production output of french fries.

Why Freeze Fries Before Packaging?

Someone might wonder why fries are frozen and then packaged instead of packaged and then frozen. Fried fries are softer and may stick together if they are packaged and then frozen. Freezing before packaging is all about making sure the fries stay separate and don't stick.

Packing french fries after freezing
Packing French Fries After Freezing

What equipment do you need to make french fries?

So which french fries production machines do factories use for mass french fries production? Factories often purchase an entire frozen fries line to produce fries. The whole set of french fries production line mainly includes a conveyor belt, potato brush cleaning machine, picking belt, cutting machine, conveyor belt, washing machine, blanching machine, vibration drainer, air dryer, fryer, vibration oil drainer, air dryer, freezers, packaging machines, trolleys, and other machines.

Frozen chips production machine
Frozen Chips Production Machine