Analysis of French Fries Business Benefit

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It is said that the french fries business is a lucrative business. So how is it profitable? We can do a benefit analysis of french fries to see if the french fries business is profitable.

Analysis of french fries business benefit

Before calculating the fries benefit, we need to assume some parameters. Suppose we process 500kg of potatoes per day. Then we can get 0.6kg of fries based on the 1kg of potatoes. Then 500kg of potatoes can get 300kg of fries.

Profit = total price (production * unit price of fries) - cost (workers, machines, potatoes, utility bills, oil prices, etc.)

ProjectRaw materialsThroughput(day)Unit price (RMB)Total price(RMB)
IncomeFrench fries300kg15300*15=4500
 Rent200 200
 Electricity and gas charges100 100
 labor cost200 200
 machine cost500 500
Profit   2250

The fries business is a profitable business

The benefits calculated above are obtained by deducting the cost from the daily cost. We can see that the daily gain is almost half of the income. Of course, rents, labor costs, utility bills vary from place to place. You can analyze according to your local prices. But overall, the fries business is a lucrative business.

How about the price of a french fries production machine?

When starting a french fries business, in addition to rent, the price of french fries production machines accounts for a large part of the cost. So what about the price of the french fries making machine? Depending on the scale of french fries production, we provide french fries production lines with different yields. The smallest french fries line output is 50kg/h, and the largest is 2t/h. Of course, you don't have to buy a complete french fries line, you can also choose a single machine or a customized machine from it. The price of a french fries production machine is related to the output of the line and the heating method. If you want to buy a french fries machine to put into french fries production, please contact us.