Usage method and application scope of continuous frying machine

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Automatic continuous frying machine as an ancillary facility in fast food production line is also suitable for food processing for large food factories, enterprises, and public institutions canteen. It is a kind of frying equipment which powered by gas. According to the different Fried food, frying temperature and time can be adjusted at will, so can automatic slag removing machine. And with safety, convenience, health are guaranteed, it is an ideal frying equipment.

The conditioning of response pressure of continuous frying machine should be based on the different energy source. Avoid fire, pay attention to safety care, do not leave gloves, towels on the chimney. In order to avoid gas leakage accident, once happen, close the power supply, and open the window for ventilation, avoid fire. How to use the continuous frying machine better:

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  1. Before starting up, check the lubricating oil of the transmission to see whether the oil is enough, the chain is off and whether the tightness is appropriate or not.


  1. During operation, pay attention to the running parts to see if there is any abnormality, once be found stop machine immediately for checking and debugging.
  2. Check gas pipelines frequently to see whether there is leakage, burner blockage, once be found, it should be dredged timely in order to avoid more serious accidents happen.
  3. Choose u6-1 lubricating oil for lubricating conveyor and reducer, gb5903-86 lubricating oil for reducer of slag removal mechanism. Replace the old with new lubricating oil after 400 hours of first use, then change the oil every 4000 hours.


Follow the method described above to achieve better frying effect. Now there are a lot of large fried food restaurants of various commodities provided, for instance, fried chicken, French fries or donuts, which are all processed by continuous frying machine.