Potato Washer in Chips Production Line

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Our potato washer machine is often used as the first step in the chips production line also called the french fries making line. This machine has a wide range of applications, it can wash off the impurities on the surface of many fruits and vegetables. We can save lots of time and effort by using the potato washing machine rather than hand washing. Machine cleaning is greater and more hygienic than manual washing so it can be a replacement for manual washing. In addition, the potato washer is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, which meets food safety standards.

The main applications of potato washers

This device is suitable for washing potatoes, sweet potatoes, taro, cabbage, tomatoes, and so on. It can also wash various fruits, such as apples, peaches, and strawberries. This drum-type potato washer device is a kind of practical equipment for the primary processing (cleaning) of food materials.

For washing machine with soft brushes, at the same time as cleaning under strong pressure spray. Soft brushes clean surfaces and uneven areas, so potato washers with soft brushes can be used to clean seafood, kelp, carrots, dates (dry washing), and more.

This kind of potato washer machine is suitable for kitchens in supermarkets, food processing plants, big factories, restaurants, schools, etc.

How to achieve getting the potatoes clean?

First of all, the potatoes to be cleaned are put into the water tank. Then they are fully dispersed, tumbled, cleaned, and transmitted under the action of high-pressure water flow and powerful air bubbles.

The sediment on the surface of potatoes will fall off and precipitate to the bottom of the isolation bin, preventing the re-pollution caused by the reflux of the tumbling. The debris from potatoes will float on the water surface, and the water overflow will be excluded from the tank.

After the vegetables are washed, they are sent out through the conveyor belt, and there is a blowing up device at the end of the conveyor belt so that the debris that has not been cleaned off is blown off. At this point, we get clean potatoes for the next peeling step of the production line.

Why you should choose our products?

  1. Competitive price and easy to operate. Our machines are designed and manufactured in our own factory, so the prices are better in comparison. And they have simple structure and maintenance.
  2. Labor-saving significantly. The use of such machines can reduce the labor force and time to a great extent on the entire production line. Thus, cost savings are achieved.
  3. Adjustable washing speed. We can make different models of this potato washer machine according to the needs of different customers, to meet their respective production needs.
  4. High-intensity cleaning. Use the foam and flipping movement to clean all sides of the potato, this will facilitate the subsequent operation of the entire production line.
  5. Energy-saving and high efficiency. Our potato washer machines use water and energy in a sustainable way, which greatly improves work efficiency compared to manual operation.
  6. Durable and long life. They are manufactured to a high standard from high-quality 304 stainless steel, which makes the machines reliable and durable for potato processors.
  7. Hygienic and environmentally friendly. The machine material is stainless steel, not easy to corrode, no damage to materials, in line with national health and safety standards.

The different models you can choose from

ModelDimension (mm)WeightPowerCapacity
Support customization according to customer requirements