French fries fryer cleaning method

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The french fries fryer is a machine for frying french fries and potato chips. There will be a lot of oil stains after use. The cleaning of fryer oil stains has always been a matter of our concern. Only by cleaning the equipment daily Work, the equipment can be better and longer used, but the fryer will be more difficult to clean. As a machine seller, there are a few instructions for cleaning the fryer.

How to Clean french fries fryer

  1. First let the oil cool down, then pour the water into the water to bring the water to boil, sprinkle the edible baking soda, cook for 5-10 minutes, and then drain the water.
  2. The outside of the machine can be cleaned with detergent. A brush can then be used for cleaning.
  3. Before the frying equipment is used, oil must be added to the furnace body to avoid burning the electric heating tube; the heating tube should be cleaned in time after using for a period of time, at least four times a month; the residue on the surface of the fryer should be cleaned in time, and the residue should not accumulate too much Or too thick to prevent the heat stored in the slag from causing a fire. In summer, the oil-water mixed fryer changes the water once a day, and in winter, it can be changed regularly according to the water quality to protect the quality of the oil;
  4. Through limit control, scientifically use the specific gravity relationship between vegetable oil and animal oil, so that the animal oil leached from fried food naturally sinks into the lower layer of vegetable oil, so that the working oil in the middle and upper layers is always kept pure.

How to choose a french fries fryer

What frying machine do you use to fry potato chips? The frying machines used to fry french fries and chips are very different from other materials. The key to what kind of fryer to use is to look at two points, the output and the degree of automation.
When choosing a fryer, first choose the output of the fryer, which is a more important point. Generally, the smallest fryer is 50kg/h, and the largest fryer can be 1500k'g/h. In addition to selecting the model, you also need to choose a semi-automatic french fries fryer or a fully automatic french fry fryer. machine. The semi-automatic french fries fryer needs to manually put the french fries into the machine, and after frying, take out the fries, while the fully automatic french fries fryer does not require manual assistance and is fully automated. The types of french fryers are square fryer, round fryer, continuous fryer.