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Frying machine

Frying machine


This round frying machine is suitable for medium-sized fried food processing plants. It is suitable for frying meat, aquatic products, vegetables, pasta, nuts, and other products. This machine has an automatic feeding and automatic discharging function.


Automatic feeding: Avoiding the problem of the density of putting the potato into the frying machine, the frying time is not equal, and the frying effect is different; Avoid oil unevenness and spilling oil to ensure the safety of operators;

Automatic discharge: through hoist, finished frying and discharge automatically, reducing the labor of the worker.


  1. More choices of heating methods, such as electric heating, gas and coal burning;
  2. With automatic oil control, automatic discharge, automatic temperature control.
  3. Oil-water separation structure, the bottom of the frying machine has an automatic scraping system to clean and raise the food residue to the outside of the machine;


Model Power Capacity Size Weight
TZ-Y1000 36kw 100kg/h 1400*1200*1600mm 300kg
TZ-Y1200 48kw 150kg/h 1600*1300*1650mm 400kg
TZ-Y1500 60kw 200kg/h 1900*1600*1700mm 580kg


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    • Good day I’m interested in fryer, I want to know the cost I’m in Nigeria and also I use to fry my meat in cow fat I want to know if this machine can stop the oil (cow fat) from fuming up.

      • Hi,tessy,Good day!Sorry for my later reply.Do you have whatsapp?so we can discuss the details about the machine.