Automatic french fries frying machine

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The french fries frying machine is equipment specially used for frying food. The frying machine has various functions and guaranteed materials, which can be used for safe and efficient production and can be used for frying small-volume fries and potato chips. In addition, other commonly used fried products include chicken nuggets, peanuts, twists, and other pasta snacks.

French fries frying machine
French Fries Frying Machine

French fries fryer with three different heating methods

There are three heating methods for the French fries fryer, electric heating, gas heating and oil heating, which can be purchased according to production conditions, and we support the customization of heating methods.

Fry time to make frozen french fries

Frozen fries
Frozen Fries

French fries are generally quick-frozen fries. During production, the fries do not need to be fried for too long, but only need to be fried for 40-60s. The frying temperature is 160°C-180°C. The fryer can accurately control the oil temperature. , to prevent the oil temperature from being too high or too low to affect the taste of the fries.

Why are french fries frozen before packaging?

Bag of frozen fries
Bag Of Frozen Fries

The french fries need to be frozen immediately after frying, so that the french fries are not easy to stick and deform after being packaged.

French fries frying machine parameters

Electric heatingbigmediumsmall
Power (KW)90KW80KW60kw
Size (length, width and height)1100*18001000*1600800*1300
Weight kg100010001000
Oil/gas heatingbigmediumsmall
Power (KW)3KW3W3kw
Size (length, width and height) 1100*18001000*1600800*1300
Weight kg 100010001000
French fries frying machine parameters

In this table is written the three models of large, medium and small for the three heating methods of the fryer electric oil, and the power, size, weight and output of each size.

How to use the french fry machine

1. Connect the power supply to the switch and check the integrity of the power cord

2. Empty car test to see if the equipment is running normally

3. Add water to the fryer to one-third of the oil-water window.

4. Add the oil required for frying food to the fryer to 100mm above the fryer

5. Turn on the electric heating switch. At this time, the temperature of the fryer should be set to about 170 degrees, and then start heating.

6. When the oil temperature reaches the set temperature, pour in the material and start frying. The frying time can be set according to the specific situation. After the material is fried, put forward the frying frame, drain the oil, and pour it into the deoiler. step work

Types of french fries frying machine

There are various types of fryers in our company, in addition to this round fryer, there are also square fryers and mesh belt continuous fryers. And it is also divided into automatic fryer and manual fryer. When purchasing a fryer, you can choose from both the degree of automation of the fryer and the output of the fryer.

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