French fries blanching machine

french fries production line
french fries production line


The blanching machine is a multifunctional fruit and vegetable processing equipment.

It has two functions:When putting cold water, it is a vegetable and fruit cleaning equipment that can be used to clean a variety of fruit and vegetables. It does not destroy raw materials, has a high degree of cleanliness and maintains its original color, such as carrots, apples, potatoes, etc. More suitable for growing fruit and vegetables in the soil.

When hot water is injected, it is a blanching machine which can blanch some raw materials which mainly used for vegetables, such as potatoes, carrots, etc.

blanching machine
blanching machine

Working principle:

The steam blanching machine combines hot and cool and is equipped with a unique superheated steam generator. No boiler equipment is required. The pressureless operation, safe and reliable.

The machine has the characteristics of rapid killing, inhibition of enzyme color protection and timely dehydration cooling which keep fruit and vegetables in their original natural color. Through this machine, the activity of enzymes in fruits and vegetables is stopped to maintain the unique color of fruit and vegetables.

It can achieve the blue odor of vegetables and retain the aroma, and enhance the softness of the vegetable cells. This is conducive to the evaporation of water, laying a good foundation for the process requirements of the next drying and dehydration process.

blanching machine
blanching machine


The blanching machine is important equipment in the vegetable production line, mainly used for vegetable blanching.

The principle of the blanching machine is mainly to put a proper amount of water in the box. Water is heated by heating the tube. When the raw material passes through the tank, it will be rolled under the combination of the bubble machine and the water and continue to advance with the mesh belt.

It is mainly used for fruit, root vegetables and carrots, asparagus, mushrooms, fruit slices, and other fragile product. It is indispensable blanching equipment for pre-processing such as quick freezing, dehydration. The blanching machine is often needed for the color protection process in fruit and vegetable processing. For the potato chips, the blanching time needs about 30 seconds, blanching temperature is about 95 ℃;for French fries, the blanching time need about 1-2 minutes, blanching temperature needs about 80℃. Different materials, blanching time and blanching temperature are different.

blanching machine
blanching machine

Customer use case:

A Polish customer named Michael, who planted a large area of carrots, mainly for hawkers in the vegetable market.

However, large areas of carrots are a big problem in cleaning. Labor accounts for a very large proportion of expenditure. So he found us online, hoping to find a suitable, cost-effective machine to reduce labor costs.

The machine can be used for ten years, and the labor cost of ten years can buy four or five machines. Moreover, the machine is efficient and the output is larger.

Now he can save a lot of labor costs every month. He replied that he would have to add a machine after his business expanded.



Size Weight Power Capacity


2500*1000*1300 180 3.75



4000*1200*1300 400 4.1







CY6000 6000*1200*1300 600 5.5




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