What is the potato chips packaging design?

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potato chips packaging design
As a popular snack, have you ever observed the potato chips packaging design? How many packaging methods are there for potato chips? How is it packaged?

In order to ensure that the fried potato chips will not be broken and convenient for transportation, it is usually necessary to package the fried potato chips. As our favorite snack, I wonder if you have ever observed the packaging of potato chips? What is the potato chips packaging design? Why is it packed like this? How to pack potato chips so that they are not fragile?

What is the potato chips packaging design?

There are two main types of packaging for potato chips, one is bagged and the other is canned. Why use these two packaging methods? This is mainly related to the shape of potato chips. There are two main shapes of fried potato chips, hyperbolic parabolic potato chips, and parabolic cylinder potato chips.

The concave surface of the hyperbolic paraboloid potato chip is stressed, and the convex part can withstand the pulling when squeezed, so the hyperbolic paraboloid potato chip is not easy to break. These shape potato chips are generally packed in bags. Nitrogen is flushed into the bag so that the potato chips will not break during transportation. Then this kind of potato chip is generally packed by a potato chip packaging machine filled with nitrogen.

Hyperbolic Parabolic Potato Chips

Parabolic cylindrical potato chips have no uneven surface to withstand squeezing, so these kinds of potato chips are easier to break. Therefore, it generally adopts the filling form for packaging.



Parabolic Cylindrical Potato Chips

How to pack potato chips?

When packing hyperbolic parabolic potato chips, it adopts a vacuum potato chip packaging machine or a bucket-scale potato chip packaging machine. Both packaging machines can pour nitrogen into the bag. The vacuum potato chip packaging machine needs to manually put the potato chips into the bag. The bucket scale potato chip packaging machine automatically packs the potato chips into the bag and can realize the functions of automatic weighing and sealing.

When packing the parabolic cylinder potato chips, the potato chips need to be stacked first, and then put the potato chips into the filling machine. Then pour nitrogen into the barrel.



Barreled Potato Chips Packaging

What are the characteristics of potato chip packaging machine

In order to adapt to a variety of potato chips packaging designs, Shuliy provides a variety of potato chip packaging machines. It is suitable for packaging bags, pillow type, gusset type, hanging hole type, and even a variety of packaging bags.

  1. It has high economic benefits. The potato chip packaging machine adopts intelligent and automated production mode, which improves the packaging speed, improves the production efficiency and reduces the labor cost.
  2. The packaging machine adopts imported servo system, imported color sensor, accurate positioning, excellent performance and beautiful packaging
  3. The potato chips packaging design adopts new design, bright appearance, reasonable structure and advanced technology.