Sweet potato starch processing

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(1) breakage

Wash the newly harvested sweet potatoes with clean water, then remove the excess water, and break them into pieces with a diameter of 2 cm with a sweet potato starch machine.

(2) filtering

Fresh potato chips are put into stone mill or gold steel grinding mill and ground into potato paste with water, then sifted with sieves of more than 60 meshes. During the sieving process, water or acid slurry water is used for elution.

(3) mixing and skimming of sweet potato starch machine

First adjust the concentration of starch milk, so that the pH value of 3.6-4.0, then add the acid slurry, the amount of starch milk about 2%, so that the pH value of starch milk up to 5.6, static 20-30 minutes, so that the starch precipitation, and then remove the upper water swill.

(4) cylinder sitting and skimming

After skimming, the bottom starch is mixed with water and mixed into starch milk to make the starch precipitate again. During the precipitation process, the starch plays the role of yogurt fermentation, so it is called sitting cylinder. The cylinder temperature requirement is about 20 C, and the time is 24 hours. In the fermentation process, stir properly, so that fermentation can be completed. When the fermentation is finished, the upper yogurt is skimmed out for the next mixing, and the starch after skimmed is filtered by 120 mesh fine sieve.

(5) rinse

Rinse the sieve starch with water for about 24 hours to prevent fermentation.

(6) pulverized powder

After starch precipitation, the upper water slurry is skimmed, the surface oil powder is washed off with water, the bottom starch is taken out with a shovel, and the sediment deposited at the bottom is removed.

(7) drying and packaging

The extracted starch is leached in the ladle and dried or dried after being drained. After drying, use nylon/polypropylene or polyvinyl acetate/polyethylene composite film to pack tightly and seal.