Small Potato Slicer Machine for Factory Direct Sale

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Potato chips

Small Potato Slicer Machine for Factory Direct Sale

As potato is popular for its low price while high nutrient content, potato chips is an essential and regular dishes generally offered by the school dining hall, factory canteen, an office cafeteria. In wholesale vegetable markets, thousands of potatoes are sold out every day, which shows the large market potential of potatoes with even any regular small-sized county can yield 3000 pounds of potato per day with an annual sales more than 1 million CNY. While in the prefecture-level city, provincial capital city the outputs of potato is extremely low. Potato cutting, slicing machine simulates the movement of manual cutting by using special blades that cut potatoes with similar thickness, taste compared with the manually cut potato. Potato slicing, the cutting machine of remarkable quality make fortune for us for its large output, and as an emerging manufacture industry, the potato slicer manufacture as a product of great potential can offer us unlimited business opportunities.

Potato slicer machine

Structure design of potato slicer:

There are various potato slicers suitable for potato processing in large factories and workshops, which are not suitable for potato processing in small workshops or family manufacturers. Potato slicer Shuliy mechanical designed is of relatively small volume, simple structure, which is more suitable for families, restaurants, small workshops of the small agricultural slicer. This slicing machine has high efficiency, not only can be used for potato slicing or cutting but also can be used for sweet potato slicing. Powered by an electric motor with pulley transmission unit equipped, knife plate mounted at the end of the output shaft with symmetrical rotating knife plate fixed install, potato slicer for factory direct sale, can process potato into slices or chips then be discharged to the collection tank.