Potato chips frying machine price in Kenya

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When making fried potato chips, the frying temperature and time of potato chips need to be strictly controlled. If the temperature and time of frying are not well controlled, the fried potato chips will not taste very good. Therefore, a professional potato chip frying machine is usually used to fry potato chips. And potato chips are also very popular in Africa. Many Kenyan customers have ordered potato chip frying machines from us to produce potato chips. So what about the potato chip fryer? What is the price of a potato chip frying machine in Kenya?

Introduction of potato chip frying machine

In the market, there are three main types of frying machines for frying potato chips, semi-automatic batch frying machine, automatic batch frying machine, and automatic continuous potato chip frying machine.

Three kinds of potato chips frying machine
Three Kinds Of Potato Chips Frying Machine

The semi-automatic batch fryer requires manual feeding and discharging, and the frame of the machine can be raised. The machine has two heating methods: electric and gas heating.

The automatic batch fryer can realize automatic feeding and discharging.

The automatic continuous fryer can realize continuous frying of potato chips. It adopts a double-layer mesh belt structure to make potato chips completely immersed in oil for frying.

What are the characteristics of potato chip frying machine?

  • The potato chip frying machine has various heating methods such as electric heating and air heating.
  • It is suitable for frying a variety of foods, one machine is multi-purpose, does not scent each other, and ensures healthy frying.
  • Its intelligent control panel adopts to realize automatic temperature control, automatic control of the frying time, and avoid frying.
  • The whole machine is made of all 304 stainless steel to ensure the safety and sanitation of fried food
  • This continuous potato chip frying machine can be customized according to the customer's production requirements and production output.

Why potato chip frying machine is popular in Kenya?

Potatoes are Kenya’s second staple food, and sweet potatoes are an important food crop in Kenya. At present, the average yield per unit area of potatoes in Kenya is about 8 tons per hectare, and the average annual yield of potatoes in Kenya is 2 to 3 million hectares. In addition, many entrepreneurs in Kenya have also begun to experiment with potato processing. As a best-selling snack in the world, potato chips and fries have also become the target of Kenyan entrepreneurs. So many Kenyan customers buy potato chips and fries processing machines from China. As the most important machine for potato chips and French fries processing, the potato chip frying machine has become the best-selling machine in Kenya.

What is the price of the potato chip fryer?

Faced with potato chip manufacturers of different specifications, we provide potato chip frying machines with different specifications and output. The output of the potato chip fryer has the greatest impact on its price. The output range of the potato chip frying machine is 50kg~2t/h. The greater the output, the greater the price of the frying machine. And we can also customize the machine according to the frying needs. The price of potato chip frying machines ranges from 2000 to 100000 USD. If you want to know the specific price of potato chips fryer, please contact us.