Potato blanching machine for french frying

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This potato blanching machine is used before french frying and applied to the blanching of continuous potato slices in automatic french fries production lines. The water in the machine is generally heated electrically, also streams and gas can be used. The purpose of this operation is that it can inhibit the activity of the enzyme in order to maintain the original color of the potato slices. In addition, this equipment can also be applied to the automatic potato chips production line and fried banana chips production line.

Potato blanching machine
Potato Blanching Machine

What does blanching potatoes do?

The potato blanching machine is multifunctional and can process fruits and vegetables.

It has two functions: When putting cold water, it is a kind of vegetable and fruit cleaning equipment, which can be used to clean many different types of fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, apples, potatoes, and so on. It is more suitable for growing fruits and vegetables in soil. It will not destroy the raw material because it is spotless.

When put into hot water, it becomes a blanching machine that can blanch some raw materials mainly used for vegetables, such as potatoes, carrots, and so on.

How do you blanch potato slices?

Blanching machine factory picture

The structure and principle of this machine are very simple and easy to operate, the process is as follows:

First, adjust the speed of the conveyor according to how long time you need to blanch.

Then, set the blanching temperature on the temperature controller.

Wait for the water in the heating machine to reach the specified temperature.

The potato slices are transported by means of the flow of water through the inlet end of the machine and pass through the heated hot water, whereby it is blanched.

Finally, the potato slices are discharged from the outlet end of the potato blanching machine. Usually, this process takes about 90 seconds.


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Materials: potato slices

French fries potato blanching machine temperature

The temperature of the water can be adjusted through the use of the temperature controller on the potato blancher, but it's also important to control the right temperature of the water; it can't be too low. Generally, we keep the water temperature at 95 Degrees for blanching chips.

Applications of potato blanching machine

This machine has a wide range of applications, in line with the multi-purpose machine, to achieve the effect of saving resources and reducing costs.

  • This blanching machine is mainly used in automatic fried potato chips production line and is one of the potato chips blanching work programs.
  • It can also be used in a fully automatic banana chips production line.
  • The machine is also suitable for blanching meat, as well as many other fruits and vegetables such as carrots, soybeans, mushrooms, apples, pears, strawberries, and more.
  • Also can be used in the kitchen cooking process.

Why should blanch potatoes before frying?

Potato slices before frying operation in this potato blanching machine, rinsing can make the potato surface impurities and starch removal, and, after blanching the potatoes and then frying, the fries will become more crispy and sweet, and will not be back to the soft, conducive to the storage of better taste.

Your reasons for choosing Shuliy blanching machine

Easy to clean and operate. Simple structure and maintenance.

Hygienic and environmentally friendly. The potato blanching machine material is 304 stainless steel, not easy to corrode, no damage to materials, in line with national health and safety standards.

Maintaining the unique color of fruits and vegetables. The machine has the characteristics of rapid killing, enzyme inhibition, color protection, timely dehydration, and cooling. As a result, the enzyme activity in fruits and vegetables is stopped, which can make the fruits and vegetables keep their original natural color.

Retain the flavor of vegetables. It is conducive to the evaporation of water, which in turn lays a good foundation for the next drying and dehydration process.

Can this potato blanching machine be used at home?

Yes, you can.

Thanks to the continuous development of food machinery, more and more people are now choosing to make their own potato chips and other delicacies at home.

We have a small production model of this machine manufacture, which meets the user at home, very convenient, so as to ensure that the food they consume is clean and hygienic, and cost-saving.