Operation Manual of Potato Cutting Machine

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Potato chips production line

Usage: cut root vegetable: potato, sweet potato, melon, lotus root, bamboo shoot, onion, eggplant and leaf vegetable: celery, Chinese cabbage, cabbage, spinach and other vegetables and fruits into cubes, slices and strips. It is suitable for catering industry including food processing plants, school canteen, and food factory.

Features: this machine mad in Taiwan is a versatile vegetable cutter with its both ends can work at the same time. By changing the cutter setting or adjusting the conveyor belt and cutting speed with double frequency modulation, can produce finish products of various shapes of pieces, chips. SUS304 stainless steel made, the cutting machine is characterized by sanitation, elegant design, durable use, variable frequency speed regulation.

Finished product shape: piece, chip, dice, and chunk.

Potato cutting machine

operation manual of potato cutting machine

  1. Add 10# mechanical oil per shift to each joint part, and replace the calcium-based lubricating oil in bearings once a quarter. Fill lubricating oil of appropriate amount into sprocket and gear each shift.
  2. When cutting, avoid foreign matters including dregs and sediments getting into raw materials to avoid damage to the parts. To avoid damage to the tool, clean up the leftovers and wipe clean.
  3. Do not put your hand into the plate or under the vertical knife when working.
  4. Avoid damage to switch, power supply and motor wire, or getting damp and water leaked in when using to avoid electricity leakage. For safety, please connect the ground wire to the grounding mark of the machine.
  5. If abnormal sound occur in the machine, the inspection must be carried out immediately, then continue to use after troubleshooting.
  6. During processing, if it is found that the conveyor belt is loose from the material holder, the screw should be tightened so as not avoid belt deviation.
  7. When the speed becomes slow, check whether the triangular belt is loose or not. If the bearing parts are found to have oil overflow, overheating or stuck, the bearing should be refueled or replaced.