How does the ginger peeling machine wash ginger?

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The industrial potato brush cleaning machine replaces heavy manual labor, and it realizes the mechanization of agricultural products processing. The machine can widely apply for cleaning and peeling potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, and other agricultural products. Moreover, the machine can not only be used alone, it can also apply in large-scale fruit and vegetable washing and processing production lines. And this versatile brush cleaning machine can be used to clean ginger and other products. So how does this ginger peeling machine peel ginger?

Why the potato cleaning machine can clean ginger?

It is a machine designed according to the needs of agricultural products processing and the structure of agricultural products. This machine can be used for cleaning and peeling round and oval fruits and vegetables. When processing ginger, carrots, and potatoes, the brush of the brush cleaning machine closely contacts the surface of ginger and other products. The brush has strong resistance to pressure and elasticity, and the friction between the two will remove the skin of the ginger surface. The machine has small and large models, and it can realize intermittent and automatic discharging. Moreover, its advanced design, convenient operation, low energy consumption, and high efficiency make it an ideal cleaning and peeling machine for the vegetable processing industry.

How to use ginger peeling machine to clean ginger?

  • Before using the ginger cleaning machine, first read the operating instructions of the machine carefully, and connect the power supply and turn on the machine according to the operating instructions.
  • Before using the ginger cleaning machine to clean the ginger, you first need to clean the ginger with running water
  • Pour the proper amount of water and ginger into the brush ginger cleaning machine, turn on the power
  • The brush cleaning automatically rotates the brush and cleans the ginger
  • Connect the high-pressure spray pipe at the top to the water source, and the high-pressure spray at the top will clean the peeled ginger while the brush is cleaning.
  • The ginger peel and the cleaned waterfall into the drip tray at the bottom of the machine
  • After cleaning, open the outlet handle on the side of the machine, and the machine will automatically discharge the ginger

Other applications of ginger brush cleaning machine

Since the most important part of the ginger brush cleaning machine is the brush, different types of brushes have different effects. The machine can equip with soft and hard brushes. The soft brush mainly has the effect of cleaning, while the hard brush has the effect of cleaning and peeling. Therefore, the industrial ginger cleaning and peeling machine can be used for peeling vegetables, such as potatoes, ginger, sweet potatoes, betel nuts, and walnuts. In addition, it can clean fruits and vegetables, such as dates, carrots and so on.