Do you know the types of potato chips?

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Potato chips are a popular fried snack all over the world. Due to the wide audience of potato chips, many people have invested in the potato chips production business. Potato chips produced by different manufacturers and regions are different in taste, hardness, and crispness. So in this potato chips army, what kinds of potato chips are there? As the potato chips making machine manufacturers, We studied different kinds of potato chips. According to different production processes, potato chips can be roughly divided into three types: slice type, potato flour fried potato chips, and non-fried potato chips.

Sliced potato chips

Sliced potato chips are a kind of potato chips ubiquitous in the market. It has various types of slices such as ordinary slice type and wave. The most classic representative of this type of sliced potato chips is the bagged Lay's potato chips. Sliced potato chips are potato chips produced in large quantities through a potato chip production line. The production steps of this potato chip are washing and peeling, slicing, blanching, frying, seasoning, and packaging. The oil content of this kind of sliced potato chips after frying is 30%-40%.

Sliced potato chips
Sliced Potato Chips

The sliced potato chips are fried at high temperatures, and the water in the potato chips will be evaporated instantly. This potato chip has a thin texture and a smooth surface. Potato chips making machine manufacturers provide sliced potato chip-making machines.

Special sliced potato chips kettle cooked chips

Kettle chips
Kettle Chips

In recent years, another type of sliced potato chips has gradually emerged, it is kettle-cooked chips. This type of potato chips uses all-natural materials and is produced in small batches. Its oil content is 20%-40% lower than ordinary sliced potato chips. Because this kind of kettle chips is fried in batches, the frying temperature is lower and the frying time is longer. Therefore, the starch in the potato is easier to dissolve, and the potato chips are more crispy. Unlike sliced potato chips, the shape of this potato chip is irregular, and its taste is harder and chewy.

Potato flour fried potato chips

Potato flour fried potato chips
Potato Flour Fried Potato Chips

Potato flour fried potato chips are potato chips obtained by pressing mashed potatoes into the shape of potato chips through a mold and then frying them. The surface texture of the potato chips pressed by the mold is uniform. Since it is pressed by a mold, it can be made into potato chips of different shapes by changing different molds. This kind of shaped fried potato chips is represented by pringles chips with a saddle shape.

Non-fried potato chips

Non-fried potato chips
Non-Fried Potato Chips

The more common non-fried potato chips are mainly baked potato chips. Baked potato chips are made by drizzling oil on potato chips and then drying them in the oven. The baked potato chips are not deep-fried in oil. Therefore, its oil content is about 60% lower than that of traditional fried potato chips.