Customize Your Potato Chips Fryers for Different Parameters

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Potato chips

The invention of the crunchy potato chips

It has been told that the crispy potato chip were invented Saratoga Springs, NY in 1853. A wealthy steamship owner, Commodore Vanderbilt, was waiting for his dinner. In the kitchen, George Crum, the half African American, half Native American cook, prepared the meal, served with French fries. But when the plate was presented to Vanderbilt, he refused it for he thought the French fries were too thick. In a fury, Crum rushed into the kitchen, sliced all potatoes into chips then thrown into the hot boiled oil, then e served the browned and brittle chips for venting his anger. But surprisingly, Vanderbilt praised the chips highly and then spread the incidental cooking method to every corner in America.

Continuous fryer machine

A brief introduction to potato chips processing machine


Potato chips processing machine product line invented and developed by Shuliy Machinery is of the different model with vary parameters—TZ-F500, 1000, 1500, 2000 of capacity 50kg/h, 100kg/h, 150kg/h, and 200kg/h respectively. We can offer you customized service according to your production requirements.


Potato chips frying machine made of stainless steel is of durable use, long-term service life, and is characterized by the high frying efficiency, with security ensured by boiling temperature control system, and also avoid overcooked issues.