Crinkle French Fries Cutter Machine Enters the Indian Market

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Recently, our company sent a crinkle french fries cutter machine to an Indian customer. This co-operation originated from the introduction of a satisfied old customer, which fully demonstrated the excellent performance and good market reputation of our products.

Wavy fries slicing equipment
wavy fries slicing equipment

Why choose our company

The Indian customer is mainly engaged in the fried food processing business, and its products are mainly supplied to restaurants and other food service industries. Through the introduction of old customers, the Indian customer has a high degree of trust in the Chinese manufacturer and thus made a purchase decision in a short period.

Industrial crinkle fry cutting machine
industrial crinkle fry cutting machine
Automatic crinkle french fries cutter machine
automatic crinkle french fries cutter machine

Use of crinkle french fries cutter machine

The successful delivery and commissioning of the crinkle french fries cutter machine has brought a qualitative leap to the Indian customer's fried food processing business. The machine adopts advanced cutting technology to cut potatoes efficiently and evenly, greatly improving processing efficiency and product quality, and meeting the market's high demand for consistency and aesthetics of fried food.

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