Crinkle fries cutting machine in french fries production line

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The crinkle fries cutting machine is used to cut potatoes into uniform crinkle-shaped and fewer breakage strips, a kind of multifunctional vegetable cutting machine. Crinkle fries can be made into delicious street food, french fries, and more. It is ideal equipment for restaurants, school and company cafeterias, food manufacturing plants, and also french fries production lines, potato chips production lines, etc.

Automatic crinkle fries cutting machine
Automatic Crinkle Fries Cutting Machine

How you can use this crinkle fries cutting machine?

The industrial crinkle fries cutter consists of two main parts. First, the potatoes are cut into slices of uniform thickness. It's the equivalent of a wavy potato chip cutter. Then, the slices are cut into potato fries with a crinkled shape. The size of the final product can be adjusted as the blade in the machine can be easily adjusted or replaced.

Below are the specific steps:

  • The first step is to place the potatoes that have passed through the potato peeler into the feed opening and this is when the wave potato slicing process begins. Potatoes are cut into wave potato slices by the rapidly rotating blades in this slicing area.
  • The potato slices then fall on a conveyor belt and move to the corrugated blades. After that, the materials are cut into crinkle-shaped fries. Cut potatoes have a smooth, regular surface.

Then you get the following products

These foodstuffs can satisfy the purchasing needs of company school canteens, supermarkets, restaurants, and snack bars after the subsequent use of the potato chips frying machine.

Reasons why you can choose crinkle fries cutter

You can visualize our crinkle fries cutting machine better with the following images.

  • Simple structure. The industrial cutter for crinkle fries has a small footprint and takes up less space in the factory.
  • High-quality effect. The industrial crinkle fries cutting machine adopts an innovative design, which can effectively cut crinkle fries with a uniform shape.
  • Fast cutting speed. This crinkle fries cutting machine is capable of cutting 300-500 kilograms per hour.
  • Environmentally safe. The whole machine is made of stainless steel, which is not easy to corrode and rust and reduces food contamination.
  • Sturdy construction. It can be washed with water directly because the material is not easy to rust, is durable, and is easy to maintain.
  • Safe and healthy. The material of the conveyor belt is PE, which is recognized as the best material for contacting food in the world. It is non-toxic, tasteless, and odorless, and meets the hygienic standards for food packaging. And the service life can reach more than five years.
  • Adjustable shape and thickness. By replacing the blades with different shapes, different cutting widths and thicknesses of fries can be obtained, thus saving costs.
  • Broadly applicable. Not only can you cut potatoes, but you can also process many other kinds of fruits and vegetables, such as cabbage, cucumber, carrot, etc.

We're shipping out

Due to the superior performance and favorable price, this crinkle fries cutting machine is our hot selling product, we used to send this machine to many places, most of them are distributed in the countries below:

  • Southeast Asia: Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia;
  • Europe and America: Canada, USA;
  • Middle East: Iraq, Turkey, etc.

Because the size of this machine is not big, we are shipping the whole machine, so it is more convenient for users, you do not have to especially assemble the machine before you can use it, saving time, money, and labor. In addition, our machine will be sealed in plastic film, and fixed in a wooden box, so as to ensure that the machine is not worn out.