Automatic Potato Chips French Fries Production Line

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Potato chip processing


Potato chips, the main method for potato deep processing, is one of the most popular leisure food worldwide, which is delicious and nutritious. With the accelerated speed of world cultural exchanges, potato chips are of great potential in the domestic market. Potatoes are nutritious, and is known as "underground apple", "secondary bread". More than two-thirds of the world's countries grow potatoes, with its yield reach 3 billion tons, following wheat, corn and rice yield, is ranked as the fourth market crop. According to American authorities, y the consumption of whole milk powder and potato products can provide all the nutrients needed by the proper daily function of the human body, so potatoes are believed to be a major food on the world food market.


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Technological process of potato chip production line

Lifting feed - cleaning and peeling - selecting and peeling - lifting feeding - slicing - rinsing - blanching - drying - frying - oil removal - seasoning - transporting - packaging.

The whole equipment of the potato chip production line is made of 304 stainless steel, which can completely realize potato chips automatic production. The blanching pool adopts boiler steam direct heating method, and water is changed with chips blanched synchronically during the working process. After blanching, it is conveyed to the dewatering process, and then enters the frying line.


The complete set of potato chip production line is highly automatic, saving labor and greatly improving production efficiency.

Scope of applicationĀ 

It is applicable for small and medium-sized food processing plant.