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Potato chip processing

Oil-water separated energy-saving fryer is powered by electric heating, gas heating and other variety of ways. The smoke-free, multi-purpose, water-oil separated frying equipment, adopting the most advanced international oil-water separated frying method, has completely changed the structure of the traditional frying equipment and solved the disadvantages of traditional fryer fundamentally. It can fry all kinds of food at the same time, without flavor exchanging, it controls the temperature of the upper and lower layer by heating the interlayer in the middle of the process, which can effectively prevent frying oil from oxidation, inhibit the increase of acid medium, and filter residual in the process of frying automatically, moreover, it is equipped with an automatic temperature controller to prolong the service life of frying oil.

(1) The advanced oil-water separated technology outran the conventional frying machine, and its automatic filter keeps the fried oil clean so that the Fried products are of consistently improved quality, which not only extends potato chips' shelf life but also brings higher added value to them.

(2) Advanced mechanical parameter and the controlling system can always maintain good frying, which not only improves the output but also can make the product of unified, stable quality, color, smell, and taste.

Continuous fryer machine on sale

(3) The automatic filtration of the frying machine can greatly extend the service life of the frying oil. And it is characterized by oil saving for it can fry without frequent oil changes the oil consumption during producing is equivalent to the oil absorbed by the product.

(4) The advanced and efficient heating system avoids energy waste to a greater extent that saves a lot of energy.

(5) The continuous frying improves the work efficiency of potato chips frying machine, can effectively reduce cost per unit, and is of great help to reduce costs on labor and management.

(6) The adoption of this equipment can greatly improve the quality of products, reduce the costs in the production process, and make your products more competitive in the market.