Working Process of Double-chamber Vacuum Packing Machine on Sale

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Double chamber vacuum packaging machine for walnut sacha inchi fruit medicine



The plastic compound film and the plastic aluminum foil compound film of double-chamber vacuum machine are applied by the vacuum packing machine as the packing material, which can be applied to instrument, medicine, the grain, pickled food, water products, and chemical material. It can effectively prevent the deterioration of articles caused by the oxidation of lipids and the reproduction of aerobic bacteria, thus achieving the functions of quality preservation, freshness preservation, flavor preservation and color preservation, while, for some soft articles, their volume can be reduced after vacuum packing, which is convenient for transportation and storage.


Vacuum packing machine


1, Vacuuming

When vacuum chamber cover closed, the vacuum pump works and begins to vacuum bags synchronically, vacuum gauge pointer turning forward, when reaching rated vacuum degree (controlled by time relay ISJ) vacuum pump stops working, vacuum stops. During vacuuming, the three-way electromagnetic valve IDT works with heat sealing chamber start vacuuming, and hot press remained in place.

2, Heat sealing

The IDT breaks, and the outside air enters the chamber through its upper air inlet. The pressure difference between the vacuum chamber and the heat-sealed air chamber helps to inflate the air of the heat-sealed air chamber, thus making the upper hot pressure frame move down and press on bag mouth. At the same time, the heat sealing transformer works and begins sealing. At the same time, the time relay 2SJ works, in a few seconds, the heat sealing accomplished.

3, Back to the gas

The air enters the vacuum chamber. The vacuum gauge pointer goes back to zero. The hot pressure bracket is resettled.

4, Cycling

Swing the upper vacuum chamber cover onto another one to enter the next working process. The left and right Chambers can work alternately.