wholesale best potato slicer for chips

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As one of the popular snacks, potato chips is the main product on the market shelf. It has made its way into our daily life. Therefore, Shuliy Machinery has invented and developed a series of potato and cassava processing line, including cassava, potato washing peeling machine, potato cassava roasting machine, and potato slicer machine, as known as potato cutting machine. The electric stainless steel twisted tornado slicer is the advanced product released independently by Shuliy machinery, is characterized by its durable use, compact machine design with small grounding area, low energy-consumption, and low manual labor consumption. Now let’s talk about its stunning functional methods!

Potato slicer machine

The cutting of the automatic Slicer at Best Price in India is designed to customize the customer request. It can produce potato products of different shapes: the wavy potato slice, potato chips or common potato slice. It all depends on your need! Moreover, the sizes of and thickness can be adjusted through your request, the slicing range is 1-10 mm. The operation of the machine is easier than that of the older one. After the slicing blade equipped, the slicing machine can be started, the peeled potato, eggplant, cassava all can be processed by the machine. Through the inlet, the raw material can be sliced in 2 seconds.

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