Wholesale Brush Peeling and Washing Machine

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High in starch content, and rich in necessary nutrition for consumption requirement of human daily diet, potato ranks among the top 5 largest food crop all over the world. Originated from Spanish, potato found its way into the European staple food market, then into the food markets in many parts of world. It can be cooked, steamed, or fried into delicious food or snack. On contrary, in the oriental world like China, this yellow tuber can be sliced, stir fired like other vegetables and made into dishes. With the developing of catering industries, the potato processing line is highly required, it is the best choice for restaurants of large scale and chain factories and food processing industry selling potato secondary production like fried potato chips and French chips. To make qualified potato product, the foundation is the clean raw material meeting the hygiene standard. Potato brush peeling and washing machine Shuliy Machinery powered.

High efficient brush roller peeling and washing machine 2

Equipped with high-pressure spray, made of stainless steel, Shuliy’s brush peeling and washing machine is now for wholesale to customers abroad. The automatic peeling and washing machine has adopted the advanced brushing method, can also process potato, taro, sweet potato, etc. The peeled and washed potato remains wholesome with no damage and clean enough meeting the food hygiene standard worldwide. Moreover, the rotating processing method Shuliy’s brush peeling and washing machine equipped saves energy consumption and man power.

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