Vegetable Slicing Cutting Machine of Various Shapes on Sale

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Mechanical structure

The vegetable slicing cutting machine produced by our factory is invented and developed by summarizing years of experience and improving technology repeatedly. It is mainly composed of a frame, conveyor belt, pressure belt, slicing section, speed control box or cone pulley speed governing device. The "centrifugal slicing structure" can complete the working task, including slicing hard vegetables. The sliced materials are automatically transported to the underside of the tool holder and can be processed into slices, chips, pieces, ding, diamond, wavy chips, and other shapes. Due to the simulation of manual chopping, the surface of the processed vegetables is smooth intact with uniform shapes, and the sliced vegetables are of intact fabric tissue and kept fresh.

Potato cutting machine 

Application scope

The vegetable slicing cutting machine is widely used in the processing of all kinds of root, stem and leaf vegetables such as potato, celery, leek, garlic, bean curd, bamboo shoot, rice cake, and kelp. The centrifugal random toolbox is equipped with rhombic dice cutter, square cutter, corrugated blades, and vertical blades, and different blades are replaced according to the requirements of cutting materials. The thickness of the centrifugal slice is adjustable, and the thickness of the cutting wire of the conveyor belt is adjustable. Run trial cutting before working, and see if the sliced vegetable specification is consistent with the required specification, if not, adjust the slice thickness or cutting length, and carry out work after meeting the requirements.