User’s manual of vegetable cutting machine for wholesale

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Potato cutting machine



One: Installation of vertical knife

  1. The vertical blade is used for cutting the stem and leaf and cutting the centrifugal slicing machine into chips, chunk, dice, and other shapes according to the required specifications. To cut different vegetables you need to install the corresponding vertical knife.
  2. When leaving the factory, cutting machine is randomly installed with the whole set of blades. Other specifications of the cutter (curved blades, diamond blade, square blade, and square blade) can be chosen according to the needs of the customer.

Two: Cutting size adjustment

  1. The gap between vertical knives can be adjusted within 1-25mm. By adjusting the adjustable eccentric screw, the required gap can be obtained.
  2. To adjust the cutting size, turn the eccentric wheel to make the opening of the groove upward, loosen the adjustable eccentricity screw.

Three: Slicing thickness adjustment

  1. The slicing machine is applicable for slicing potatoes, radishes, and melons. The slicing thickness can be adjusted between 1 and 10mm according to required.
  2. The slice is fixed on the internal wall of the cylinder, the gap between blades and cutting disc is within 0.5-1mm. The cutting thickness required can be obtained by adjusting the screws on both sides of the portable plate and tightening the nut after adjustment.

Four. Speed adjustment

  1. Vertical knife speed is selected according to the size of vegetables cutting: high speed for thin chip slicing, and low speed for the vegetable of larger size.
  2. Belt-tightening: triangle belt of vertical blades are tightened for adjusting the rear section of the machine, adjust screw by rotating clockwise for tightening slicing section, so motor board but can be adjusted to achieve the purpose of tension.